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Pecan Memories

Pecan Memories©2016

Yolanda YoTrip Triplett

A walk in the orchards 

From times past

My grandma would gather us grands

Three, five, or seven of us in a row

Walking along to her favorite spot

Cool crisp air we can feel it

Leaves crunching under foot

A bag in each helpers hand

We are on a mission

Find those pecans

Mom and I took a walk today

In a place called Serenity

We felt an air of familiar

The leaves crunched under our feet

Bags in our hands

A mission we were on it

Find those pecans

And we did!

I could feel the spirit of grandma

Moving in us, walking with us

In our hands, were her hands

The beloved pecan

Brought back so many memories!
For my grandma, Ruth Anderson

For my momma, Marian A. Clay

It’s 100 Days Until 2017, Be A Leaf!

The 22nd day of September and there are 100 days left in this year of 2016. It is also the first day of the season called fall! Yet I look at the forecast for Orlando and it said sunny with a high in the 90’s and a 30% chance of rain! Welcome autumn…Florida style! So a little changing of the foliage upon the trees, not a chill in the air, not a bearable temperatures to be found. Yet in all of this the leaves are covering the ground, blowing and going from to and fro. Crunching in their crispness as they meet with shoes and such. Are these multi-colored leaves dead or alive?

Lake Ridge Foliage (YoTrip 2016)

Much like the leaves that found their way to the ground we can ponder if we have seen our best days or are our better days coming. See most leaves that get shook or fall  off a tree go back into the soil and help to keep the cycle of growth going for other plant life.

In this new season of life be a leaf, find your passion and renew your purpose for living. September is the 9th month and you need to recognize that you are pregnant! Yes there is a plan, a posture, a pursuit and a push of that thing growing inside your mind, your body and your spirit. Be determined to make these 100 Days remaining days matter. See what you want and go after it with one goal in mind, achievement!

May I simply challenge you in this fall season to tell yourself you can do and be whatever you put your mind to become in the days ahead. Here is the challenge: Take three post-it notes and use one to write what you want to do for your Mind, one for your Body, and one for your Spirit. Once you write your goals then post it on a place that you can see it and affirm you daily!

Post-it Note: Mind, Body and Spirit (YoTrip 2016)

Along with your Post-it note, find you a leaf from the ground and decide to live out these days as your best 100 Days. Remember you are pregnant, now go and put in the work, so you can birth that baby!

I see you moving onward do great things in this world!


I Give…

My challenge is to write based on a daily prompt for this month of July. It is also my birthday month so I celebrate all 31 days. Today’s topic: What is my best trait?

#JulyBabies #JammingJuly #SheSTRUTSaturday #STRUT #Poetry #AWomansWalk #STRUTlit #IGive

I Give ©2016

I Give Advice to see Aspiration in you

I Give Balance to help Broaden you

I Give Care to show Consideration to you

I Give Direction so you can display the Determination in you

I Give Encouragement so can be Empowered within you

I Give Freely so you can be Forever you

I Give Gladly as you let Greatness become you

I Give Heartily so you can be Happy you

I Give Intentionally as to Impact you

I Give Joyfully so you can be Jolly you

I Give Know-how so you can be Knowledgeable you

I Give Liberally so you can be Lively you

I Give Motivation so you can be Magnanimous you

I Give Naturally so you can Noticeably you

I Give Opportunities so you can be Optimistically you

I Give Passionately so you can be Purposeful you

I Give Quality so you can be Quintessentially you

I Give Resourcefulness so you can be the Realest you

I Give Steadfastly so you can be Spontaneously you

I Give Time so you can be Talented you

I Give Understanding so you can be Ultimately you

I Give Variety so you can be Victoriously you

I Give Willingly so you can be Wisely you

I Give Xtra so you can be Xcellently you

I Give Yes Yes Yes so you can be Young you

I Give Zeal so you can Zesty you

I Give to you to make you better

I Give to you…


Swing Into Your Strokes

Today’s edition of #SheSTRUTSaturday
was inspired by my time at a golf clinic with The Orlando Renaissance Writers Guild

Once I was able to master Swing Into Your Strokes, I saw I can make anything happen!

Swing Into Your Strokes©
Yolanda YoTrip Triplett 2016

What’s in your Strokes and Swing?
Can I tell you everything!
When they say you can’t
Swing Into Your Strokes
When they say you won’t
Swing Into Your Strokes
When they say you don’t
Show them otherwise and
Swing Into Your Strokes!!!

Are you poised to
Swing Into Your Strokes? Believe in the power of you!

Do you have the right stance to
Swing Into Your Strokes? Slight bend in posture, good grip on the club and you eyes on the prize!

Are you focused properly to
Swing Into Your Strokes? Yes because I desire to move the ball on the course.

Are you giving it your all to
Swing Into Your Strokes? Yes I have the power to do what takes to make the shot

Do you see beyond your now to
Swing Into Your Strokes? My goal is to advance the ball towards the hole!

Are you moving with authority to
Swing Into Your Strokes? I own the course and the game

Do you let it go and let it flow to
Swing Into Your Strokes? I am in it to win it!

In play and in this thing called life, just
Swing Into Your Strokes!


Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for January 15, 2013-For A King Celebrate (Vol.1, Iss.3)

Still relevant today! For a King named Martin we will continue to celebrate

YoTrip-Words and Thoughts

Martin Luther King leaning on a lectern. Deuts... Martin Luther King leaning on a lectern. Deutsch: 1964: Martin Luther King Português: Martin Luther King (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For A King Celebrate

The world was given a gift 84 years ago when Rev. Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King gave birth to Martin Luther King, Jr.  The life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr is recognized by men and women, young and old, people of every creed and color. Dr. King was an advocate for justice, equality, and peace for all mankind. Below are some little known facts about Dr. King:

10. Martin Luther King, Jr. day was not recognized as a paid national holiday by all 50 states until 2000. (TIME)

9. The U2 song, “Pride (In The Name of Love)” was written about Martin Luther King, Jr. (Post Chronicle)

8. He went to Morehouse College at the age of just 15. (

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A Brand New Kinda Me

New Year Happy! We have crossed the bridge from 2015 and into (#The16) as
I affectionately call this year! I am glad to be here in the land of the living as I saw so many transition from life to death last year. Bring on a new year and some positive living!

Well it is a new year and it brings the pressure of people struggling to make and not break resolutions. You know the drill of classics: lose weight/diet, go to the gym/workout, be more healthy/eat right, save money/stay on budget, quit smoking/get a patch, quit drinking/find substitutes, get organized/remove clutter and the list goes on and on! Many people find themselves “resolutions cycle” working hard but going nowhere fast or going to extremes to change habits only to fall short. Resolving to change should be gradual process to help you sustain the change.

In May of 2014, I started on a journey with my hair? See my stylist left town due to family issues. I was out sorts, my stylist was like family and took pride in using my crown as a show piece. My hair styles were always conversation pieces. I was able to maintain my style until July, but not ready for a new stylist. I just hopes she would return and get my mane in order.

In July, I moved from weaves to wigs. I had no idea of the big business of wigs. There are millions of styles, colors, lengths and such. What looks good on a wig head may do everything or nothing for you. It is work, until you find works for you. My biggest dilemma was trying to find a wig like the last look my stylist had hooked me up with. I never could find the Oprah curl pattern…

As I wore the wigs as a cover, I let the perm and chemicals grow out of my hair. What a process? It had been more years than I could recall for me to not have “creamy crack” perm, in my hair making the kinky curls straight. The transition back made me learn about natural hair and how to care for it. Having a bestie that is the epitome of a “Natural girl” helped me appreciate my hair.

I would wash, braid, or twist my hair and then cap my hair before putting on my wig to go out. Many would ask why be a “wiggy”, as they missed those cute styles I always rocked. The genius of my stylist was gone and I was finding my new wiggy styles to compensate.

On January 1, 2016 I decided the wig days had come to a close and I donned my hair in twists style for an annual New Years day gathering. There was much conversation about the new do! I had now fully joined #teamnatural. It is A Brand New Kinda Me… and I love it!  So stay with me and let’s where this affair goes…






2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 690 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 12 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Daddy I Miss…

Daddy I miss your Amazingness
You never cease to Wow us

Daddy I miss your Boldness
You always stood out in a crowd

Daddy I miss your Candor
You always spoke your mind

Daddy I miss your Determination
You never stopped

Daddy I miss your Empowerment
You told us we could be who we wanted to be

Daddy I miss your Face
Your expressions were priceless

Daddy I miss your Gratitude
You were giving of self

Daddy I miss your Heart
You helped any and everybody

Daddy I miss your Influence
You left your footprints on us

Daddy I miss your Joyfulness
You had a way with bringing it to people

Daddy I miss Koolness
It was like a summer breeze

Daddy I miss your Liveliness
You were always full of life

Daddy I miss your Momentum
You kept everyone up and going

Daddy I miss your no Nonsense
You always told it like it is!

Daddy I miss your Observations
You could read people so well

Daddy I miss your Personality
You were a true original

Daddy I miss your Quickness
You always were on point

Daddy I miss your Reasoning
You always made it plain

Daddy I miss your Selflessness
You gave your heart and soul

Daddy I miss your Tenacity
You were determined…never gave up

Daddy I miss your Understanding
You listened and explained

Daddy I miss your Voice
You always said it best

Daddy I miss your Wisdom
Your wit lives on today

Daddy I miss your Xtraness
You were you unapologetically

Daddy I miss your Youthfulness
You never acted your age until it counted

Daddy I miss your Zaniness
You were always the life of the party

Daddy I miss all of who you were in the flesh of human spirit. I am so glad the memories remain etched in my mind to recall, replay, and rewind

Daddy I miss YOU…



Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for 10/11/12 Guest Post by Dr. Darcova Triplett, STRUT FOR A CURE CELEBRATIONS (Vol.10, Iss.2)

YoTrip-Words and Thoughts


Guest Post by Dr. Darcova Triplett 

Dr. Darcova Triplett  is the Editor-in-Chief of STRUT! The Magazine. This magazine was created to provide the platform for women to walk in confidence, competence and conviction. What started out as a magazine has transformed into a movement that empowers women to explore their gifts and talents and then use them to positively influence and impact the world. In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Dr. Triplett will be recognized in history as the brainchild for STRUT FOR A CURE. Under the direction of Dr. Triplett, on Saturday, October 6, 2012, supporters in Nevada, California, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and New York will simultaneously declare victory over this disease that directly affects 1 in 8 women. STRUT FOR A CURE has been created to educate women about this devastating disease that carries the following statistics:

1)      For…

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Public Service: My Calling to FulFill

Here is a post that first appeared in http://elgl.org/2015/07/17/13percent-my-calling/

I am honoring my 17 years as a Public Administrator with Orange County Government…

Public Service My Calling To Fulfill

By Yolanda Triplett

Today’s 13% post comes to you from Yolanda Triplett who is the Program Development Supervisor for the Division of Building Safety in Orange County Florida. Yolanda’s customer centric position provides oversight for the reception area, contractor licensing, online services, and the telephone call center and division outreach.

“Citizen Service is the very American idea that we meet
our challenges not as isolated individuals but as members of
a true community, with all of us working together. Our mission
is nothing less than to spark a renewed sense of obligation,
a new sense of duty, a new season of service.”
– William Jefferson Clinton, 42nd President of the United States

The 28th day of July in the year of 1998, I embarked on this journey called public service. I liken my career as a public administrator with the Division of Building Safety, in Orlando, Florida to a journey because it has definitely taken me places both personally and professionally. Serving the public in an industry that is dominated by males; I have learned valuable lessons and earned the respect of those whom I serve along with daily. I recognize the work that I do as public service and it is my calling to fulfill.

For seventeen years, I have had the pleasure of serving the public with their building permits and inspections needs. I love to share with people who I work in a place where we help citizens and those in the construction industry go from “dirt to dollars”! The core mission of the Division of Building Safety is to ensure that buildings are built safely according to state and local codes. Citizens and design professionals start a process with a plan on paper and finish the process with a structure that they will utilize for living, working, or playing in our community. As a proud public servant, I assist those on the building and construction journey with navigating the process. continue reading here

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