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Daddy Always With Us


(This post is lengthy, but worth the time it takes to read it. Thanks in advance)

November 3, 1989 is a day that caused my family’s life  to be turned upside down. My favorite man in all the planet, William Henry Clay, Sr. moved from life on earth to death and living in his eternal home.

This week marks 25 years since, Daddy moved his address from earth to heaven. I so desire to write about where I am and the struggle to share my recall of my Daddy.

My fingers have made several attempts to express how much I miss my Daddy and wish I could have him to take care of everything.

On Monday November 3rd, as my sister Greta and I prepared to return to Florida from our hometown of Augusta, we saw a Facebook post that Kim Lockett Holmes had passed away. I could not believe nor wrap my head around this news. Already trying to think positively about Daddy, this news intensified my sadness.

The power of social media is a blessing and a curse. Like wildfire my Facebook timeline was filled with fellow Lucy Laney High School Wildcats sharing their condolences to Kim’s son and family. As my mind raced and sadness crept in, I recalled that Kimmie was always smiling and now her soul was resting in heaven.

Now it is November 16th, thought I would work on this post again. Well in the last few weeks I have been stunned by the death of a childhood friend and child I watched grow from little lady to young lady.

Monday the 10th came and I was hit with a text message that made me stop in my tracks. The death angel had struck again  This time it was one of my former Sunday School students. At 18 years young, Jayla decided to take her own life. I just kept saying this does not make sense. Why Lord? Why?

I really cannot believe that Jayla is gone. What a beautiful face tied to a troubled spirit. Over the years I watched as her grandmother and aunt poured into her life and offered her a strong foundation. Jayla’s family wanted to see her be and do her best. May Jayla’s soul be at rest.

I still could not finish the post about Daddy. Every time I started, I just could not focus.

I still was not able to write about my Daddy. Thoughts were in my head, yet my pen was not ready.

Monday the 24th came and all I wanted was some good news. Well again I was told of a tragic death. An innocent young child had died and she had touched the lives of many in my circle.

This has been a trying month. November is traditionally a time of gratitude and thankfulness. Even as we pause to celebrate Thanksgiving, I had thoughts of these souls that had transitioned from earth to eternal rest. Thinking of them brought me back to memories of my Daddy.

If I could only have time to tell him all the things that happened in my life for the last 25 years. (We would need a little time).I would love to hear my Daddy’s voice and his words of wisdom and see him smile. I would tell Daddy I have learned a few lessons:
-You cannot buck the system (Order is here for a reason)
-Education will take you far but, don’t forget common sense (I learn something new daily)
-The world owes you nothing so don’t stop showing them who you are (Always a Clay)
-Family is your blood and the community you are surrounded with in life (Momma, Greta, and William Jr., love them to life)
-Keep God first and everything else will fall in line (All the glory and honor)
-Never stop believing in yourself ( Because of you, I can and I will)

As November comes to a close, I am glad I found the strength to finish this post. It allowed me to share my feelings as I recall my Daddy. We who remain here on earth experience  the emotional roller of feelings. We encounter the good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the joy, the pain, the heartache, the love, the hate, the birth and the death in this thing called life!

I am honored to call myself a card carrying, “Daddy’s Girl For Life”. William Henry Clay,Sr you are forever in my heart and I miss you like crazy.

Peaceful rest Kim, Jayla, little baby girl and so many others that transitioned from life to death this month of November.


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