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Live your life!

“The greatest thing you can do is to LIVE LIFE to the fullest. Enjoy the experiences living brings to you.” 1/19/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

It is a Winning Wednesday, go get it!


S.H.I.F.T.- See How “IFit Today. Take this approach in all aspects of your living and watch for positive results.
SHIFT happens, it is our reaction to SHIFT that makes the difference.” 9/28/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009

Okay Monday, I see you have arrived, let’s do this!

Reach your goal

“Rising above the line, should always be a goal we are seeking to reach. You will not get there if you are afraid to STRETCH.” 4/30/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

It is a Feel good FRIDAY, make it a great one!

Count It

only counts when you count on it to define you. Don’t be so busy running numbers that you miscalculate the sum total of you.” 8/8/09


“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

It is a “Wait-a-minute Wednesday”, halfway to Friday!

“Words the joyful noise of my mouth, sweet sounds to ears. The
results of a love affair between pen and paper, words”

Be Positive

“Plant seeds of POSITIVITY, not weeds of negativity. You are what you grow!”8/5/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

Hey it is a “Much-to-do Monday“, let’s get it started.


“Our need to FIX IT is not always the best option for us or others. The instruments we seek to use in our repair may not be the right fit. Come on say it with me: If it don’t fit, don’t force it. Just relax and LET IT GO!” 1/22/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

It is a “Free-For-All Friday”, enjoy the day!

Yolanda Clay-Triplett

Reaching Goals

“NEAR the end and seeing success in sight, you have to decide to keep going instead of coming up short.
Just think, the end of accomplishing one goal is the back drop for the beginning of starting a new one” 9/16/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

Living Life

“Make the most of life by living to be beyond what is expected of you by others.
You determine the destiny road you will travel.” 12/29/08

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

Monday is upon us, let make it the start of a great week.

Wake Up!

“Let your passion be your ALARM clock, it will wake up in you that which makes you TICK.” 8/8/08

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

Friday, we finally made it and let’s make it a great one. Go see Tyler Perry’s “I Can Do Bad All By Myself“!

September 11, 2001 has a permenant footprint in our memories my prayers are with all of the family members, public safety (police and fire), and military who were personally affected by this tragedy.

How to Progress?

“Just remember: Don’t let others process, hamper your progress, keep it moving in the road!” 9/7/09

Happy Labor Day

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