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Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for August 30, 2011-PURPOSE (Vol.5., Iss.3)

A project maked with a purpose to think about ...

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PEOPLE, oh people as I pause on the path to a place called PURPOSE, I position my perception to preview the palace I am pursuing with passion. Probable becomes possible when we prevail in persistence toward the present. In other words, when we are moving toward some set goal or that thing that drives our inner self once we see it, then we are destined to achieve it.” 1/25/2010  –YoTrip

WALK with authority as you take the needed steps to fulfill your purpose. Your steps must be ordered and work according to your plan.”10/17/10 ~~YoTrip

“POSSESS a PASSION that puts you in PURSUIT of your PURPOSE.” 8/2/2010


pur·pos·es   plural
1. reason for existence: the reason for which something exists or for which it has been done or made
“the purpose of life
2. desired effect: the goal or intended outcome of something
“The purpose of the law is to control pollution.”
3. determination: the desire or the resolve necessary to accomplish a goal
“You need to act with purpose.”
 Content above provided by

Encarta® World English Dictionary[North American Edition] © & (P) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc


  • What is your purpose? You must recognize and realize there is a reason for your being here on earth for such a time as this. Have you identified your purpose?
  • Where is your purpose? In your head, your heart or your hip pocket. Is it with you in your actions and activities?
  • Can your purpose be seen in who you project to the world? Would you say you are self-confident in what you are pursuing for yourself.
  • How do you view your purpose? Is your purpose open with endless possibilities or do you on see no further than where you are currently stationed?

Purpose speaks to the “why” in your life: Why are you here? Why are you doing this or doing that?

Purpose is connected to goals and outcomes: You made it, you did it, you finished or completed a task or assignment.

Purpose requires you to see it and feel it before your obtain or acquire it: Activate your vision and move your purpose forward

Once you know your purpose it is up to you to take the steps to stay on your path to reach your goals. When you are operating in your purpose it becomes how you seek to make things happen.

Decide to be persistent in your plan to find your purpose.

Be passionate about your purpose, let it be a driver in your way of living.

Be positive in your purpose, always see the best of what can be in your living

Be patient with your purpose, it may not be revealed to you immediately, give your purpose time to evolve.


Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for August 25, 2011-DREAM Your DREAM Into Reality (Vol.8, Iss.3)

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at the Ci...

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DREAM Your DREAM Into Reality
“Never stop believing in your ability to fulfill your dreams.
 Keep seeing yourself beyond your current status and make the dream come true.” ~~YoTrip 8/25/11
1.sequence of mental images during sleep: a sequence of images that appear involuntarily to the mind of somebody who is sleeping, often a mixture of real and imaginary characters, places, and events
2. daydream: a series of images, usually pleasant ones, that pass through the mind of somebody who is awake
3. something hoped for: something that somebody hopes, longs, or is ambitious for, usually something difficult to attain or far removed from present circumstances
4. idle hope: an idea or hope that is impractical or unlikely ever to be realized
5. vague state: a state of inattention owing to preoccupation with thoughts or fantasies
“walks around in a dream”
6. something beautiful: somebody or something that seems particularly good-looking or wonderful
Content above provided by
Encarta® World English Dictionary[North American Edition] © & (P) 2009 Microsoft Corporation.All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.
This weekend in Washington, DC, the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is scheduled to be dedicated with the unveiling of the monument on the National Mall. Five years in the building of the DREAM, a national monument has been established in honor of the man who led the movement for justice and equality.
Some forty-eight years ago (August 28, 1963) over 200,000 people of many hues and national origins gathered for the March on Washington, in the name of jobs and equality. The culmination of the gathering in the nation’s capitol was the infamous “I Have a Dream” speech delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The march was purposed for bringing awareness to the desire and need for social, political and racial justice for black Americans in this country. The March on Washington was a stance for solidarity for people who were disenfranchised and wanted their presence to be felt and their plight conveyed by the leaders of the civil rights movement.
The March on Washington focused on Dr. King’s speech and  presence at that this event when in reality there were other organizations and leaders involved known as the “Big Six”. The “Big Six” organizers were James Farmer, of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE); Martin Luther King, Jr., of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC); John Lewis, of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC); A. Philip Randolph, of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters; Roy Wilkins, of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP); and Whitney Young, Jr., of the National Urban League. Read more: Civil Rights March on Washington (History, Facts, Martin Luther King Jr.) — Infoplease.com http://www.infoplease.com/spot/marchonwashington.html#ixzz1W56CABIV Each of the “Big Six” had an agenda but all came together in the name of bringing heighten awareness to the needs of people being treated unfairly.
The “I Have a Dream” speech and the masterful orator, Dr. King who spoke those powerful words is well-known all over the world. I ask you these questions: What are you doing to “DREAM Your DREAM Into Reality”? Have you put your DREAMS on paper? Are your DREAMS a secret? Are your DREAMS on the back burner? Do you believe in your DREAMS? Do you see yourself moving your DREAMS forward? The questions are endless when you think about the idea of “DREAM Your DREAM Into Reality”,but your pursuit of the DREAM has to have the same level of desire, determination and drive as Dr. King displayed in his work with civil rights.
When you DREAM, in your sleeping hours it is an involuntary mental activity that causes your mind to unfold like scenes in a movie. Once you wake up from the sleep it is time to make the preparation and plan to “DREAM Your DREAM Into Reality”. I know that often that thought you had while sleeping (dreaming) could seem larger than life, and makes you wonder if you can make your DREAM come true. It is up to you to start NOW moving from what you think to what you can do to “DREAM Your DREAM Into Reality!”
I challenge you to wake up from your sleeping and make up your mind to believe in yourself and watch your dreams unfold. It is up to you to decided to “DREAM Your DREAM Into Reality”

Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip-What In The World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such…(Vol.5, Iss.3)

Beach erosion caused by Hurricane Irene in Oct...

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What In The World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such…

While most on the east coast of the United States have been watching and waiting to see the potential path of Hurricane Irene as it makes its way over the battered isle in the Caribbean headed towards the eastern shore of Florida, no one suspected that a 5.9 magnitude earthquake to hit in Mineral,Virginia. People were stunned, shocked and stumped as the east coast earthquake was felt from the southern region of North Carolina and as far up the eastern coast as Canada. From small rural cities to the nation’s capitol, many were caught scrambling to seek cover, shelter and the safety of buildings.

In this country where we are all to comfortable with the acts of natural disaster that is synonymous with a region (Hurricanes in the lower parts of the South states and coastal areas, flooding in the mid-west, droughts in the land out in the plain states , and wild fires and earthquakes on the west coast). Never are we prepared for what comes out of the sky’s, the seas or beyond. What in the World, Earthquake, Hurricanes and such… are coming along without warning and making the people take cover for whatever disaster that is coming next. As the destruction by way of natural disasters unfold, we can see that it is never easy to prepare for the unexpected.

What In the World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such… finds us using the technology of social media to track, chart and monitor natural disasters within minutes of their occurences. Facebook and Twitter were all a buzz as people were seeking to get up to the minute updates the earthquake, the people, the places and the possessions that were in its path. The movement of the earthquake was a post, the status of family and friends was a tweet, pictures of locations hit by the earthquake were uploaded for show. The vehicle of social media helped many people feel a bit at ease to know that their loved ones and friends are safe or were not in the an area that was hit by the earthquake. The Weather Channel and other news outlets are using social media as a resource to assist them with getting the official word out on the state of nature when it takes a different turn.

What in the World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such… is a reminder that we should always be prepared for what we expect and have a plan that is six levels deep for what we do not expect. The rumbling and shaking from the east coast earthquake did not cause a major amount of reported destruction, at the epicenter in Mineral, Virginia schools and other public facilities will be closed on Wednesday to have structural assessments made. This earthquake will make history as it is one of the strongest to hit the state of Virginia and the surrounding Washington, DC area.

As the east coast recovers from the unforeseen earthquake, there are only a few days left to prepare for the ill-rational Hurricane Irene that is projected to touchdown on the shores of Miami or Cape Canaveral sometime in the wee hours of Thursday morning. National Weather Center projects have maps showing the various path that Irene could possibly take, yet nothing will be conclusive until the storm and days come closer together and see what will become of their meeting. What in the World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such…

Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for August 18, 2011-If We Could See Into the Future… (Vol.8, Iss.2)

SIXTYNINE | threesixtyfive

If We Could See Into the Future…

If We Could See Into the Future … What would the future reveal? Good things, happy things, bad things, sad things are all possibilities that could be presented in our future living.

All too often, we find ourselves wanting and wishing to move the hands of time forward. Whatever is set to happen in the future, makes us want to think about it, see it, hear it, touch it, and be apart of it. Just the thought of what could be, should be and what would be in the future peaks our sense of curiosity. If We Could See Into the Future..We want to leave the here and now unattended, undone, and unfinished to move to those things that are set to come, should we make it to that place called the future.

If  We Could See Into the Future…how much of our “right now” would we change? I think the old adage, “If I knew then, what I know now, I would have done things differently” comes to the forefront of your thinking about the future. We are so ready to get to the next thing that we do not realize that we have to: come to, in order to go through, so we can get to the future. Our microwave mindset, tells us that coming to and going through are too much in the process, let’s just skip ahead to the future.

If We Could See Into the Future…would we like everything that the future has in store for our lives? We know that all day’s are not perfect nor will they be what we imaged. People change, places change, possessions change and processes change without a reason.

If We Could See Into the Future… I would have known that today would take me on a journey of high’s and low’s, up’s and down’s, mad’s and glad’s in the course of eight working hours. I find myself able to find a ray of hope and a smile because I recognize that there is someone bigger than me that holds the future.

If We Could See Into the Future…

Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for August 16, 2011-“My Help, Was the Help” (Vol.5, Iss.2)


“My Help, Was the Help”

This past weekend I like millions of others sat in a movie theatre to watch and experience the adaptation of the critically acclaimed novel, “The Help”.   The story is set in segregated Mississippi during the sixties at the height of the civil rights movement.

A young eager white socialite writer,takes a huge risk by deciding to chronicle the lives of a group of black domestics, referred to as “The Help”.  The writer wanted to tell the story of the women who cooked, cleaned, and cared for families from their viewpoint.

I must admit, I did not read the novel, that many of my friends read in three days or less. I am told the story line for “The Help” drew in it’s readers and they could not put it down until they were finished.

The movie “The Help” is under the microscope and being talked about with the novel readers wondering how the movie would mirror the book. There is also the group that will be critical to the story’s theme of revealing the outlook of the black domestics by the young white reporter.

Viewing this movie, “The Help” took me back to a time a decade later than the depicted, where “My help, was the help.” Ruth Anderson, the larger than life lady who was the wife of Joe, mother of seven and grandmother to twice as many who worked as a domestic for a family in Augusta, Georgia.

Miss Ruth rose early to care for her family before traveling to another home to perform many of the same tasks for others. My grandmother, Miss Ruth would take my sister and I with her to work as “The Help”. Miss Ruth, she worked with a sense of humility making sure everything was in tip top order for her employer. There were a few blocks that separated the world Miss Ruth lived in and the one she worked in several days a week.

For me, Miss Ruth was my Grandma and my help (she took great care of us) and the family she worked for in Old Towne. The time spent watching my Grandma, taught me to appreciate My Help, the Help to others. Salute to Ruth Washington Anderson and the countless, nameless others who worked as the Help.

“Soaring Towards Heaven in 2011”
The Sky is Limitless…
Orlando Renaissance Writer’s Guild, Inc.
2011 *”Writer of The Year”*
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Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for August 9, 2011-My Scattered Thoughts


Image by The Thinking Doll via Flickr


My Scattered Thoughts


 Scattered (adjective)


  1.  Dispersed


In a number of different places far away from each other

      2.     Infrequent or isolated


Few in number and far apart in distance or time


  1. Happening in only a few places
  2. Spread over a large area


Today has been one of those days where all I have been able to work off of are My Scattered Thoughts. Everything appears to be all over the place, no centralized coming together, no solid ground, no calm train of thinking, just My Scattered Thoughts. For whatever reason the dots of my thoughts were on the page, but the lines could not be drawn to connect them one to another. It seems the more I tried to bring My Scattered Thoughts together, the more they went in several different directions.


 Since My Scattered Thoughts decided to drive this day, I felt like I was in a maze of a daze, trying to get to the exit point. My Scattered Thoughts took my focus and put it on the shelf. Once my focus was moved then, My Scattered Thoughts decided to take over and bounce me from here to there in my thinking. Even when I felt like I was able to concentrate and get thinking clear, My Scattered Thoughts found a way to appear!


 As I dealt with My Scattered Thoughts today it has made me realize the importance of being able to use your ability to think. Far too often we take the act of thinking and comprehending for granted. To be able to use your mind for the act of thinking is a gift. There are so many people who live in this world and all they have are Scattered Thoughts.


For mental, medical or physical reasons some people’s ability to think and comprehend have failed to function properly.  Thinking requires a place for your mind to formulate thoughts and convey the information to others. When Scattered Thoughts are in control it is hard to think, act, or do things effortlessly.


While My Scattered Thoughts have been in charged for some time today, I am so glad that it is just a passing phase and not a permanent place. I am grateful for the blessing of My Scattered Thoughts, it makes me appreciate the bigger blessing of a sound mind!

Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for August 4, 2011-The Persistence of an ANT (Vol.8, Iss.1)

The dead ant is likely to be a queen. Name: Fo...

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The Persistence of an ANT

Persistent, pesky, precise, powerful, passionate, purpose-driven, problematic are just a few words to describe the small brownish-red insect, known as the “Sugar Ant” in the ANT family. I have had the opportunity to observe the activity of the ANT on numerous occasions. The large oak tree that hovers over my place on one side and the pine tree that stands on the other are two of the main addresses for the ANT. These ANT though small in size, when united with a few of its friends can quickly turn into a mounting mess and headache when attempting to rid your home of their presence.
The persistent nature of the ANT finds them always on the move and gathering with others to do the work they were dispatched to do: find a source for survival, do the work to keep the Queen of the nest fat and happy. You find yourself amazed and in awe of the handiwork of the ANTS,even in your frustration of wanting them gone. Once you identify that the ANT has moved into your space you will be in a constant battle to rid your home of the fast-acting little bugs.
As much the ANT has found a way to wreck my nerves, they also have taught me some life lessons:
The ANT is a leader and a follower. If you watch the ANT they move systematically in their activity, happy and content to give orders or be ordered. The ANT leads themselves or a group of others to the place they are looking to invade. The ANT is given a marching order and follows them to completion.
The ANT is goal-oriented. The ANT is always on a mission with a goal to conquer and overtake an area to help keep the queen fat and happy. Once the ANT has established the goal, it does whatever it takes to obtain the prize.
The ANT is dedicated and loyal. An ANT is committed to working for the Queen. The ANT takes risk and even puts it life on the line to do the work for the good of the Queen. The ANT lives and works to protect the Queen and the colony.
The ANT understands how to be strategic. The ANT is continuously working on ways to gather and overtake the area they are invading. The ANT does not just charge in, they have a plan and work the plan.
The ANT believes there is power in numbers. Often you will only see one or a few ANTS when they first appear, as if they are out scouting the area to bring the hundreds of others on later to do the work and get the job completed.
The ANT loves a challenge. ANT will go right into the eye of a storm and will fight until the end. Even when the ANT is facing defeat, they will not easily give up.
The actions and activity of the ANT give us some insight into how we can be persistent in our life pursuits. The ANT lives with persistence, passion, purpose, productivity, and a profound desire to get the job done. As much as I am bothered by the ANT as they make themselves at home in my space, I salute them for how they view working and living their lives.

Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for August 2, 2011-Courage in the Chambers (Vol.5, Iss.1)

Courage in the Chambers Gabrielle Giffords Returns

In the mist of the mess of the congressional confusion on the debt ceiling vote and delay of the government shut down, we saw a glimmer of light and hope enter the legislative floor. After seven months of rehabilitation and recovery from the near fatal shooting that landed a bullet in her head, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords came back to congress to cast her vote on the debt ceiling deal. The congresswoman who was one of twelve victims of a deranged shooter during a community event in her Tuscon, Arizona district, has beat the odds and fought back from being counted out as one who would ever serve again. While the country has watched members of congress battle over policy and program reductions and the potential for running out of money to cover bills, it has come down to the final hours for a resolution to be reached. Yet it was the entrance of Congresswoman Giffords onto the house floor that brought each member of the house to their feet in rousing cheers and applauds, forgetting if for a moment about taking sides on the default of government operations.   

Minority House leader Nancy Pelosi, said it best when speaking about the beloved and well received Giffords as she called her “the personification of courage.” “Her presence here in the chamber as well as her service throughout her career in Congress, brings honor to this chamber,” Congresswoman Giffords also spoke to her position on the debt ceiling issue, “I have closely followed the debate over our debt ceiling and have been deeply disappointed at what’s going on in Washington,” Giffords said, in a statement from her office. “After weeks of failed debate in Washington, I was pleased to see a solution to this crisis emerge. I strongly believe that crossing the aisle for the good of the American people is more important than party politics. I had to be here for this vote. I could not take the chance that my absence could crash our economy.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/01/gabrielle-giffords-debt-ceiling-vote_n_915569.html?
Today we experienced Congresswoman Giffords laying aside her power and privilege afforded her as a member of the highest legislative body in the land, to showing poise and patience as she cast her vote. In that moment of taking a stand, the Congresswoman displayed a level of courage in the congress that most people have loss hope in seeing. It is the courage in the chambers of Congresswoman Giffords, that more political leaders need to embrace as a way of representing the people who elected them to serve.

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