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Hey Daddy

Hey Daddy
Seems like yesterday since you went away. Thoughts of you flood my mind a many a day!
(Cause you are always on my mind)

Hey Daddy
This is my 28th Father’s day and it’s still hard to deal
Life without your presence feels so unreal
(Cause you left that lasting impression)

Hey Daddy
I can see your distinctive frame
Yes my together and sharp Daddy William Henry Clay Sr, your name
(Cause most folks just called you Clay)

Hey Daddy
That striking salt and pepper curly fro
Styled to perfection, they better know
(Cause you had that hair)

Hey Daddy
I see you with shiny diamonds and gold rings
Always flashy projecting like a king
(Cause you were one)

Hey Daddy
Whether rocking a suit a jogger or your Sunday best
You lived to rise up above the rest
(Cause you could)

Hey Daddy
I hear those rings and pocket change clinging in harmony
I hear it with others brings you back to me
(Cause that how we could find you)

Hey Daddy
I inhaled your fragrance so fresh and clean
Filling the air as a calling card was your thing
(Cause you loved to smell well)

Hey Daddy
You were full of wisdom and advice
Miss hearing from you on this journey called life
(Cause you were versed on everything)

Hey Daddy
Wish you had never gone away from here
Yet I know you are above
Just crave a moment for the essence of your love
(Cause you are missed and loved)

Hey Daddy…
Happy Father’s Day 2016


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