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It’s 100 Days Until 2017, Be A Leaf!

The 22nd day of September and there are 100 days left in this year of 2016. It is also the first day of the season called fall! Yet I look at the forecast for Orlando and it said sunny with a high in the 90’s and a 30% chance of rain! Welcome autumn…Florida style! So a little changing of the foliage upon the trees, not a chill in the air, not a bearable temperatures to be found. Yet in all of this the leaves are covering the ground, blowing and going from to and fro.Crunching in their crispness as they meet with shoes and such. Are these multi-colored leaves dead or alive? 

Lake Ridge Foliage (YoTrip 2016)

Much like the leaves that found their way to the ground we can ponder if we have seen our best days or are our better days coming. See most leaves that get shook or fall  off a tree go back into the soil and help to keep the cycle of growth going for other plant life. 

In this new season of life be a leaf, find your passion and renew your purpose for living. September is the 9th month and you need to recognize that you are pregnant! Yes there is a plan, a posture, a pursuit and a push of that thing growing inside your mind, your body and your spirit. Be determined to make these 100 Days remaining days matter. See what you want and go after it with one goal in mind, achievement!

May I simply challenge you in this fall season to tell yourself you can do and be whatever you put your mind to become in the days ahead. Here is the challenge: Take three post-it notes and use one to write what you want to do for your Mind, one for your Body, and one for your Spirit. Once you write your goals then post it on a place that you can see it and affirm you daily!

Post-it Note: Mind, Body and Spirit (YoTrip 2016)

Along with your Post-it note, find you a leaf from the ground and decide to live out these days as your best 100 Days. Remember you are pregnant, now go and put in the work, so you can birth that baby!

I see you moving onward do great things in this world! 


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