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Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for August 30, 2012-STAND (Vol.8, Iss.4)


There are times when you find yourself in a place and space that calls for you to find the strength and will to STAND!

When all others have fallen or cannot or will not find their legs you must STAND!

Because your belief and faith have to drive you when you feel like you cannot go on just STAND!

In order to complete the task, reach your goal and go the limit you have to STAND!

Think you can, see you can, speak you can, feel you can, when all else fails, above all else STAND!

Let me challenge myself and each one of you to simply STAND!


We Stand Alone

We Stand Alone (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for August 28, 2012-HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS BESSE COOPER (Vol.8, Iss.3)


Besse Cooperhttp://i.huffpost.com/gen/746965/thumbs/s-BESSE-COOPER-large.jpg

Can you image living on this earth and in this world for ten and half decades? On Sunday, August 26, 2012,  Besse Cooper made it back into the history book as the world’s oldest living person at a young 116 years-old. Yes, I did say 116 and back in the history books.

Miss Besse, was the oldest person up until last year when,Cooper was first recognized as the world’s oldest living person by Guinness World Records in January 2011, but had to give up the title a few months later when officials discovered that Brazilian-born Maria Gomes Valentim was 48 days older.

However, Valentim died on June 21, 2011, and Cooper was reinstated and has held that title ever since. She is one of only eight people — and four Americans — who have been confirmed to be at least 116.http://huff.to/PN7fqW

This lady who hails from a small town called Monroe, Georgia was celebrated by the town with a bridge to be named after her. Her living, can be attributed to minding her own business and staying away from junk food.

Happy birthday Miss Besse Cooper, we salute you and your years!


 Keep the victims and families of the Aurora, Colorado massacre and the Sikh temple in Oak Creek,Wisconsin  in your continual thoughts and prayer. God can only heal the heavy hearts of his people.

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Turning Back Is  NOT An Option!
Yolanda Clay Triplett
~Words and Thoughts Artist~
“Words the joyful noise of my
mouth, sweet sounds to my ears.The
results of a love affair between
pen and paper, words”
Copyright © 2012 YoTrip-Words and Thoughts 


Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for August 16, 2012-When I Go Blank…(Vol.8, Iss.3)

"TUESDAY" production sign

“TUESDAY” production sign (Photo credit: Vaguely Artistic)

When I go blank it is like
I am at a lost for what to write or say on that note
I will say good night and say you all on Tuesday!


Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for August 14, 2012-“Keep The Spirit Going” (Vol.8, Iss.2)

Keep The Spirit Going

For the last few weeks many nation’s of the world have found themselves caught up in mastery and magnificence of the Summer Olympics.
This year the country of England and the city of London opened it doors and invited the world in to celebrate and compete the games.
Even those people who are not fans of sports, found themselves glued to the television in support of their country and their team.
From bouts in the pool (swimming, diving,  and polo) to battles on the pole ( vaulting, javaling, and uneven bars) we watched and cheered. We followed champions and the unknown athletes that trained  and sacrificed to compete for a chance at bronze, silver, or gold.
As we hollered and screamed during the heated battles over the last few weeks we found ourselves becoming connected with the winners and those we fought hard and came up short. The 2012 Summer Games have taught us to appreciate the heart of champions and keep the spirit going in honor of the sacrifice and effort they showed the world.

As the 2012 games close, we can now know 2016  Brazil you must soar!

Blessings Enjoy!

“Soaring Towards Heaven in 2011”
The Sky is Limitless…
Orlando Renaissance Writer’s Guild, Inc.
2011 *”Writer of The Year”*
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Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for August 9, 2012-We Remember Whitney Houston (Vol.8, Iss.2)

We Remember Whitney Houston

In a town called Newark, in the state of New Jersey almost a half a century ago today, Whitney Elizabeth Houston was born. The international musical icon, Whitney Houston tragically died last February and the world was left with a void. Today as we say Happy birthday, I decided to yield my blog space to memories of  Whitney Houston.

I asked my family how they remembered Whitney and immediately my mother, Marian A. Clay said her favorite song was “How Will I Know” and then the singer, Greta,  shouted out “The Greatest Love of All” and then she changed to “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” as she broke out in song making my heart smile to hear her sing with so much feeling. I then scanned my musical memory for a favorite (there are so many) and for some reason the first song that came to my mind was “I Have Nothing” so I thought what made that come to mind first.

My Mom’s favorite, “How Will I Know” was noteworthy as the third single from the “Whitney” album from 1985. “How Will I Know“, peaked at No. 1 and introduced Houston to the MTV audience thanks to its video. Houston’s subsequent singles from this, and future albums, would make her the first African-American female artist to receive consistent heavy rotation on MTV. http://bit.ly/S5ZbPu

Greta’s first Whitney Houston favorite was record-breaking “Greatest Love Of All”  from March 1986. The song received critical acclaim and became a big hit, topping the charts in Australia, Canada and the US, while reaching the top 20 in most countries, including Italy, Sweden and UK. It remains her third biggest US hit, after “I Will Always Love You” and “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)“.http://bit.ly/S60ayW . This Whitney song, is special and reminds me of the importance of children in our present and our future.

Greta’s second pick of  “Where Do Broken Hearts Go” is the fourth single from Whitney Houston‘s second album, Whitney. The ballad was released in February 1988. The song was written by Frank Wildhorn and Chuck Jackson and produced by Narada Michael Walden. Wildhorn approached Jackson about the opportunity to write for Whitney Houston. He gave him the title, and Wildhorn completed the music and lyrics for the song.

Initially, Houston did not want to record the song, feeling there was no special message to convey. However, Arista Records CEO Clive Davis believed the song would go to number one if she recorded it, so she agreed. It indeed became a number one, Houston’s seventh consecutive one in the United States.http://bit.ly/S61H8k . The song title asks the all important question of direction for those lost after losing love.

My favorite pick of a Whitney Houston song is “I Have Nothing”  and it like so many made history. After the back-to-back successes of Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” and “I’m Every Woman“, “I Have Nothing” became yet another hit, peaking at number four on the Billboard Hot 100 and being certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. The song also became a hit on the Billboard Hot R&B Singleschart, with a number four peak, and a number-one peak on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. Houston established another historic milestone in Billboardchart history with the two previous singles off the soundtrack and this song, becoming the first artist to have three songs inside the top 11 of the Hot 100 chart in the same week since the chart began using Broadcast Data System and SoundScan data in 1991.http://bit.ly/S62VAz

The song capsule for Whitney Houston is so vast and offers music that came and left its footprints of an impression that are lasting and classic. “The Voice” as Whitney Houston has been called gave the world so much in the songs and performances she provided over  the years. As I sit here and write about a few of her songs, I am both sad and happy. I am sad that she is no longer here with us, but so happy that she was born 49 years ago, and gave us music that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Happy birthday Whitney Houston, may your soul be at peaceful rest. Listen to the following link to hear the pure talent of Whitney Elizabeth Houston  http://bit.ly/S65KRT

Whitney Houston   -   Concert in Central Park ...

Whitney Houston – Concert in Central Park / Good Morning America 2009 (Photo credit: asterix611)


Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for August 7, 2012-Kim Rhode An Olympic History Maker (Vol. 8, Iss.1)

Sharp-Shooter Kim Rhode An Olympic History Maker

The 2012 Summer Olympics have been full of names of athletes the likes of Usain Bolt, Tom Daley, Micheal Phelps,  Jessica Ennis, and Gabby Douglas to name a few. When I say Kim Rhode, most will say, “who did you say?” Yet we should all know that name for the achievement that Kim Rhode made on Sunday, July 29, 2012. Kim Rhode made her way into the Olympic history books with her medal winning in the sport of Skeet shooting.

Kim Rhode, Olympic Gold Medal shooter and co-h...

Kim Rhode, Olympic Gold Medal shooter and co-host of the Outdoor Channel’s TV program Step Outside at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Expo 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shooter Kim Rhode etched her name into the annals of great American Olympians on Sunday when she easily won the women’s skeet gold medal to become the first U.S. competitor to win individual medals in five consecutive Games.

Rhode finished with a total of 99 hits, only missing one of the 100 clays she shot at all day, ahead of Wei Ning of China on 91 with Slovakia’s Danka Bartekova (90) taking bronze after a shootoff with Marina Belikova of Russia.http://reut.rs/RnW87M

Rhode hasn’t missed much since winning a gold medal in Atlanta when she was 16. She got a bronze in Sydney, gold in Athens and silver in Beijing.By chronological and mathematical standards, Rhode now stands alone in the America’s Olympic pantheon.http://bit.ly/RnTSNJ

Hats off to Olympic champion Kim Rhode as she moves into the elite class of “one” where she stands on the podium alone with her five medals and a sharp-shooting record in hand!

Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for August 2, 2012- Living Her Life Like It’s Golden…Gabby Douglas

 Living Her Life Like It’s Golden…Gabby Douglas

"I've been meditating on scriptures sayin...

“I’ve been meditating on scriptures saying be confident in this. And, you know, the bible really helps me so I was very confident.” -Gabby Douglas, photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images (Photo credit: On Being)

Douglas said she had felt confident all along that she would win.

“It was just an amazing feeling,” she said, giggling. “I was just like, Believe, don’t fear, believe.”

Just five months ago, Martha Karolyi, the coordinator of the women’s national team, did not think Douglas had what it took to be an Olympian. She lacked confidence and focus, Karolyi said, even as recently as a few weeks ago.

Douglas disagreed. As this year went on, she thought more and more that she could make the London Games — and win. After sacrificing so much, she had no other choice but to push forward, she said. http://nyti.ms/RkyOon

Gabby Douglas has shown the world that when others count you out, if you believe in yourself and your ability to win, there is nothing that can stop you on your path to greatness. The Olympic two-time gold medalist, is living her life-like its golden and she is shining  bright for all the world to see. Congratulations Gabrielle “Gabby” Douglas, your winning spirit and heart of gold shows in your dedication to the sport and are one of the grand representatives of Team USA!

Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for July 31,2012-Developing the Business Professional Workshop

I humbly lend this blog space  to introduce to some and present to others the visionary offering in the name of helping others grow and advance. Dr. Loretta Faith Harris, has established the “Developing the Business Professional Workshop Series” to help everyone from the beginner to the expert sharpen their skills as a speaker, writer and presenter.  The press release below gives you information and insight on what you can expect as an attendee on Saturday, August 18, 2012. 


Contact: Sherona Nandram

E-mail: sherona@pnpmarket.com

Telephone: 407.745.7253

Developing the Business Professional Workshop: Central Florida’s Premier Workshop Experience

Orlando, FL – July 27, 2012 – Professional speaker and business owner, Dr. Loretta Faith Harris, launched the first installment of, “Developing the Business Professional” workshop series on July 21, 2012. DBP is a premier workshop that is taking Central Florida by force! This workshop provides foundational training, tools, and resources to enhance the business professionals’ speaking, writing, and presentation skills, which will lead to an overall successful professional branding experience. Registration includes lunch and a Business Professional Workshop Kit filled with valuable research from experts in the field, presentation handouts, professional articles, writing frames, business templates, tips, and resources.

“As a professional speaker with over 15 years experience, a successful business owner for over six years, and a member of almost a dozen professional organizations, I noticed a trend. There is a great need for ongoing professional development in the areas of speaking, writing, and presentation skills for professionals,” says Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris is the visionary and workshop facilitator for, “Developing the Business Professional” workshop series. DBP is hosted at Nova Southeastern University in Orlando, Florida the third Saturday of every month. Joining Dr. Harris is a team of experts with decades of experience in their respected field: Sunnie Jackson serves as a Business Fashion Consultant, Yolanda “YoTrip” Triplett a Professional Blogger, and Marty L. Ward a Business Consultant.

Attendees rated their individual DBP workshop experience and 100% would recommend DBP workshop to others! Overall, 95% were glad they experienced DBP and 83% found new insight and were inspired to act!

“This workshop was extremely helpful for all professional entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Dr. Faith did an exceptional job of delivering and facilitating. The co-presenters were right on point. A must attend for the next event,” raves Karen Fortune, Argano Gold Gourmet Coffee.

Workshop Overview:

The Professional Speaker

 Make a lasting “First Impression”

 Facing the fears associated with professional speaking

 The Do’s and Don’ts of public speaking

 Customize and accessorize with the latest business fashion

The Professional Writer

 Tips for professional writing

 Avoid frequent copyright mistakes

 Publish your professional manuscript

The Professional Presentation

 Presentation tips for leaders: make an impact with style

 Presentation strategies: deliver your message with new technologies

 Presentation promotions: increase your cliental and generate sales

Register for DBP2 today! Student and group discounts available! http://www.dbp2.eventbrite.com

For sponsorship and vendor opportunities call 407.614.5176.

Developing the Business Professional Workshop Series

Nova Southeastern University 4850 Millenia Boulevard Orlando, FL 32839 August 18, 2012, 10-2 pm

For more information Call: 407.614.5176. Email: DBPWorkshop@LorettaFaithHarris.com

Website: http://www.lorettafaithharris.com/DBPWorkshop

Sponsored by, CHPublishing, Inc., Young Entrepreneurs Society, YES, Nova Southeastern University

To read Harris’s complete story and obtain more information visit http://www.LorettaFaithHarris.com, register to receive updates, news and information. To read her inspirational blogs, go to: http://lorettaharris.wordpress.com. And, connect with her on LinkedIn and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/DrLorettaHarris. Dr. Harris can be reached by phone at 407.614.5176.


Dr. Harris is a professional speaker, award-winning author, certified life coach, and entrepreneur. She is president and CEO of CHPublishing, Inc. and Coaching by Faith. With a message of Triumphant Living, Dr. Harris desire is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals through published literature and coaching services.

Dr. Harris is the founder of the non-profit organization, Journey Less Traveled Foundation, which provides outreach services to families whose children have lost their lives due to tragedy. She is the host and motivating force behind the “Dr. Loretta Faith Harris Radio Show” for triumphant living. The recipient of many prestigious awards, including Distinguished Minority Educator of the Year, Network Orlando’s Woman of the Month, and Florida’s Finest, Dr. Harris is also an active member of the African American Chamber of Commerce, Florida Publishers Association, Young Entrepreneurs Society, Kappa Delta Pi, The Orlando Renaissance Writers Guild, SRB Group, and Orlando Women in Business.


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