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Take Aim

“Get GOALS: GARNER OPPORTUNITIES AND LEADERSHIP SKILLS. If gathering goals is not in your aim, you have missed the mark!” 10/30/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009

It is a “Funny-Friday”, it’s the weekend, find a reason to laugh!


FILL-UP on the positive things presened to you, flush out all the negative things inside of you. Only you decide, what goes in and stays in your soul’s system.” 10/29/09

A Positive State of Mind 2009

It’s a “Take your time Thursday“, slow down and enjoy the day.

Yolanda Triplett

Influence your destiny

EMPOWER yourself to take control your of your future destiny. Seek to have a positive influence yourself.” 10/26/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

“Marvelous Monday” it will only be if you make it.

Stepping Out

DECIDE that today is the beginning of something great for you. Let this be a first step in the direction of your transformation. The change you make today will be the difference in your tomorrow.” 10/23/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009

It is a “Funtastic Friday“, come on and enjoy yourself

Clean Up!

CLUTTER claims a corner in the closet of your conscience it keeps you caught up in constant compromise as you seek to conquer it and clear it up. Come on say it with me: Clean up your mind!” 10/21/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

It’s a “Workin on it Wednesday“, I see the weekend coming at us!

Shine into your future

BRIGHT are the stars that shine into your future, no time like the present to walk into your light. Remember the sky is limitless when you are a shooting star.” 10/19/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

Life…Soak it up

ABSORB your life experiences like a sponge, soak them up. Over time learn to squeeze out the people, places and possessions that do not work for you.” 10/16/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

Fast-moving Friday” has arrived, let’s make it a good one.

The color of life

ZENITH to some an old model of color, to others a patchwork of colors on the horizons anew. How is your world colored?” 8/8/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

It’s a “We-Can Wednesday”, before we know it Friday will be here!

Years spent

YEARS are not promised to you, so live your time by the moments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months given. Time spent must be time earned.”6/5/09

A Positive State of Mind 2009

Motion Monday“-gotta keep it moving in the road to get there.

Make your mark!

“‘X‘ out the negatives in your life, so you can mark in the positives of life-love, joy, peace and happiness. 108/09

“A Positive State of Mind 2009”

Friday-The day speaks for itself! Enjoy your weekend, Go LCL Wildcats Class of ’85

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