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YoTrip-Words and Thoughts for Monday, November 29, 2010-NESCIENCE (Vol.11, Iss.13)

Ladder of Knowledge

Definition of NESCIENCE

Nescience– lack of knowledge or awareness : ignorance — ne·scient\-sh(ē-)ənt, -sē-ənt\ adjective


Nescience can keep you from reaching the next level of success in life. A desire to know is a stepping stone to reaching your goals.” 11/29/10 ~~YoTrip

 Motivational Monday– Life is full of peaks and valleys, take a positive outlook on how you will handle your encounters with them.

November is American Diabetes Month please visit this site to find out more information. http://www.diabetes.org/

National Novel Writing MonthNaNo http://www.nanowrimo.org commit to writing your book in the month of November. Visit the National Novel Writing Month site for details.

Keep the people of HAITI, CHILE, the GULF REGION, AND TENNESSEE in your thoughts and prayers. Give to http://www.newmissions.org/ Please visit my blog: http://www.yotrip.wordpress.com and http://www.yotrip-wordsandthoughts.blogspot.com and enjoy previous posts. I would love to hear your feedback on your favorite posts. Thanks for your support.

Write your Story. Join the Orlando Renaissance Writers Guild. http://www.orwriters.org/. Purchase a copy of the collaborative book an “ANTHOLOGY” .

“A.I.M. To Win In 2010”

 Aspire, Inspire, Motivate Yolanda Clay Triplett “YoTrip”



“Words the joyful noise of my mouth,

sweet sounds to my ears.

The results of a love affair between pen and paper, words”

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