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I Give…

My challenge is to write based on a daily prompt for this month of July. It is also my birthday month so I celebrate all 31 days. Today’s topic: What is my best trait?

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I Give ©2016

I Give Advice to see Aspiration in you

I Give Balance to help Broaden you

I Give Care to show Consideration to you

I Give Direction so you can display the Determination in you

I Give Encouragement so can be Empowered within you

I Give Freely so you can be Forever you

I Give Gladly as you let Greatness become you

I Give Heartily so you can be Happy you

I Give Intentionally as to Impact you

I Give Joyfully so you can be Jolly you

I Give Know-how so you can be Knowledgeable you

I Give Liberally so you can be Lively you

I Give Motivation so you can be Magnanimous you

I Give Naturally so you can Noticeably you

I Give Opportunities so you can be Optimistically you

I Give Passionately so you can be Purposeful you

I Give Quality so you can be Quintessentially you

I Give Resourcefulness so you can be the Realest you

I Give Steadfastly so you can be Spontaneously you

I Give Time so you can be Talented you

I Give Understanding so you can be Ultimately you

I Give Variety so you can be Victoriously you

I Give Willingly so you can be Wisely you

I Give Xtra so you can be Xcellently you

I Give Yes Yes Yes so you can be Young you

I Give Zeal so you can Zesty you

I Give to you to make you better

I Give to you…



Swing Into Your Strokes

Today’s edition of #SheSTRUTSaturday
was inspired by my time at a golf clinic with The Orlando Renaissance Writers Guild

Once I was able to master Swing Into Your Strokes, I saw I can make anything happen!

Swing Into Your Strokes©
Yolanda YoTrip Triplett 2016

What’s in your Strokes and Swing?
Can I tell you everything!
When they say you can’t
Swing Into Your Strokes
When they say you won’t
Swing Into Your Strokes
When they say you don’t
Show them otherwise and
Swing Into Your Strokes!!!

Are you poised to
Swing Into Your Strokes? Believe in the power of you!

Do you have the right stance to
Swing Into Your Strokes? Slight bend in posture, good grip on the club and you eyes on the prize!

Are you focused properly to
Swing Into Your Strokes? Yes because I desire to move the ball on the course.

Are you giving it your all to
Swing Into Your Strokes? Yes I have the power to do what takes to make the shot

Do you see beyond your now to
Swing Into Your Strokes? My goal is to advance the ball towards the hole!

Are you moving with authority to
Swing Into Your Strokes? I own the course and the game

Do you let it go and let it flow to
Swing Into Your Strokes? I am in it to win it!

In play and in this thing called life, just
Swing Into Your Strokes!


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