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YoTrip Presents: A Poet People Should Know Courtney PHOENIX White


A Poet People Should Know

Courtney PHOENIX White Courtney PHOENIX White

In honor of the 17th Annual National Poetry Month, I am graciously yielding my blog space to Poets. For the balance of April I will run and post my new monthly feature highlighting some amazing poets, YoTrip Presents: “A Poet People Should Know “

Five Questions For A Poet People Should Know

Who are you as a Poet? Please share something about yourself and your business.

I AM… intuitively creatively,

Uniquely divinely,

Physically ferocious


Courageously tangibly,

Binding legally,

Loving me,

Never facetiously,

Yours truly and  literally…. THE… SHIT

I AM…. never the one you love always the one you left

But dear heart I am nobodys second best

I AM….genuinely essentially,

Caressmatically, infatically, certifiably

The infliction of desire and the FIRST… AID… KIT….

I AM…everything possibly and maybe plausibly

Sickingly, amazingly, strikingly, tastefully yummy

Emotionally and Educationally prepared no dummy

I AM…what you need motivationally, never inappropriately, obviously

Curvatiously, sexually, metaphorically, historically, classically, being me generally, non-egotistically


I AM…phenomenally, womanly, satisfyingly, intimately,

The one and only, don’t talk to me like I’m five or six lets just go FIVE..OR….SIXXX….

I AM…animalistically, seductively, passionately, erotically, voluptiously, sensually, romantically, work hard ethically, basically

Sincerely,…..MS….. PHOE…NIX……

I am the owner/CEO of Yume Ai Entertainment.  Yume Ai (Dream Love in Japanese) is an all female all African American company offers basic entertainment services to the public such as photography, modeling, makeup, choreography, song writing, and styling.  I am also an information manager for a company we have recently aligned with called Mxology 21 where we construct streamline event planning for social and corporate affairs.  Writing has always been a passion of mine and I have always written and posted for feedback since 2005.  I have been writing ever since I can remember.  My diary was my first friend.  I am definitely a busy woman but the train isn’t stopping any time soon.

What makes you a “Poet People Should Know”?

I am a  the poet/author of over 125 mixed themed published poems. I have been posting since 2005. The Phoenix bird represents rebirth and the ability to rise from ash with new hope. Because of circumstances surrounding my personal life in 2005, the poet “Phoenix” was born. I am known for primarily for Erotica and have even been referred to as the new age “Zane” however my genres have expanded over the years. I strive to be the voice of women who are afraid of expressing themselves not only sexually but assertively. My greatest desire  would be to “give confidence back to women”. I am currently working on her first novel entitled, ‘Anybody’s Somebody’ in which I depict  women who long for love but instead avoids self-worth and life’s trials and tribulations; replacing it with their insatiable appetite for sex. That replacement only increased disappointment and struggle.  My debut title will be released by FreedomInk Publishing, Fall 2013 via Oppidian.

When did you find out that you had that something special that you wanted to share with the world?

I always put others before myself.   It has always been a gift and a curse.   It has gotten me to the lowest point in my life as well as the journey I am sharing with you now.  I started off writing about my own personal issues and wants and needs sexually and emotionally.  I started to encompass a “No Filter” persona and my audience immediately attached themselves to it.  I am at the point where there is not a day that goes by that I am not called an inspiration.  Women relate to me.  Men are attracted to my raunchy slang.

Where can people find out more about you and your poetic work?

Feel free to contact her with any questions or inquiries at Yumeaientertainment@gmail.com. You may also contact Courtney Phoenix White at courtney@freedomink365.com or cw.writeforyou@gmail.com.  www.facebook.com/courtney.p.3 www.twitter.com/msphoenixfire and www.imaginemephoenix.webs.com

How do you make it all happen?

A lot of prayer and asking for guidance led me on this journey.  I work 13 hours a day and write on the weekends and whenever I can.  I’m living the dream of a shy little girl who’s only goal in life was to be somebody beautiful and successful.  


April is National Poetry Month

Let’s celebrate the beautiful of creative expression. For more information go to http://www.poets.org
National Poetry Month
Join  for The Orlando Renaissance Writers Guild 6th Annual Writer’s Guild Benefit Dinner on Saturday, May 4, 2013. Get details at   http://www.orwriters.org/. Write your Story… 

Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for February 14, 2012-Love’s Lasting Memory (Vol.2,Iss.3)

Love’s Lasting Memory

What is it about you that causes such an interruption in my life

Your fun-loving careless ways

The wild craziness that puts me in a daze

Thinking back to the beginning when it was fun and cool

Wanting to erase the middle acting stupid, being a fool

At times I am amazed at the places you took my heart

So lost in the pixie dust, don’t even know where to start

Cutting you off…you know that stuff is a drug

Cutting you out…you always found a way back in

Cutting you up…you put the pieces back together again

I can look back and laugh and cry now

A crazy connection for life , a seasoned past, a present gift and

Reasons too many to name, to exclaim, yet you remain

We both now go on, moved on remained on each others minds

Stayed in each other hearts, with Love and lasting memories. 2/7/07

©Yolanda “YoTrip” Triplett

I penned this piece over five years ago and came across it today and thought I would share with the masses. Happy Valentine’s Day. Let Love guide you today and always!


Each Day Is "Valentine's Day"...

Each Day Is "Valentine's Day"... (Photo credit: Heartlover1717)

Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for April 28,2011-Salute to the Poet (Vol.4,Iss.4)

The 2006 State Champions of the Poetry Out Lou...

Image via Wikipedia

Salute to the Poet

As the month of April and the celebration of National Poetry Month comes to an end. I feel it is fitting to celebrate the POET, the genius behind the mixology of words.

Salute to the Poet




















POET so many words to describe you, yet not enough words to really truly speak to the essence of who you really are inside and out. Keep thinking, keep creating, keep writing, keep reciting, keep sharing with the world.



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