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Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for July 7, 2011- A Real Lady in the Courtroom (Vol.7, Iss.1)

American jurist Sandra Day O'Connor (b. 1930),...

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A Real Lady in the Courtroom

It is a sad commentary that the world stage has become glued to IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF
DIVISION.STATE OF FLORIDA, In the Orange County Court House Courtroom 23A Orlando, Florida 32801 for the last 48 days.

I am still not ready to offer any extensive or expressions on this tragic case, so today I choose to take this edition of Thursday Thinking by YoTrip to a different place of significance for July 7th.

I would like to focus on A Real Lady in theCourtroom, who 30 years ago (July 7, 1981) became a first at the highest judicial level. Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor was nominated by President Ronald Regan to be the first woman to sit on United States Supreme Court. From her nomination, (a groundbreaking move) to her joining the other men on the high court, Associate Justice O’Connor changed the look and the feel of the elite judicial group. President Regan had to adhere to both a campaign pledge and the emerging feminist, who were gaining a voice and a voting bloc in his nomination of Judge Sandra Day O’Connor.

Sandra Day O’Connor, the woman who would go on to become commissioned and nominated as a Supreme Court Associate in September of
1981, was not a mere front person for the feminist movement. She received her bachelor’s and law degrees from Stanford University. She served as deputy
county attorney of San Mateo County, Calif., from 1952 to 1953 and as a civilian attorney for Quartermaster Market Center, Frankfurt,Germany, from 1954 to 1957. From 1958 to 1960, she practiced law in Maryvale, Ariz., and served as assistant attorney general of Arizona from 1965 to 1969.She was appointed to the Arizona State Senate in 1969 and was subsequently re-elected to two two-year terms. In 1975, she was elected judge of the Maricopa County Superior Court and served until 1979, when she was appointed to the Arizona Court of Appeals. www.abcnews.go.com/US/story?id=899446

Even with this impressive resume of knowledge and experience Associate Justice O’Connor found that she had to breakthrough  and keep on proving her worth as a brilliant judge who just happened to be a woman. After a few years on the court,Justice O’Connor took the time to respond to being overlooked as a member of
the SCOTUS (Supreme Court Of The United States), which was described as “nine old men “of the court.  The Justice with wit and humor let the editorial writer and readers know she is the FWOTSC (First Woman On The Supreme Court).Sandra D. O’Connor, Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, October 12, 1983, “HighCourt’s ‘9 Men’ Were a Surprise to One”, The New York Times, October 5, 1983 re: (First Woman On The Supreme Court); William
, “On Language; Potus and Flotus”, The New York Times, October 12, 1997.  Retrieved December 7, 2007Over the 23 years,prior to her retirement that Associate Justice O’Connor sat on the bench, she became known as the “swing vote” that joins with the conservative side of the court. Her voting record has been solid and controversial from upholding the tenets of Roe v. Wade and Abortion, Affirmative Action, and Terrorism. During the contentious Presidential elections of 2000, between George W. Bush and Al Gore Jr., Justice O’Connor became the deciding vote that sealed the history books and the endless counting of ballots here in the State of Florida.

Supreme Court Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor entered the courtroom as the first woman justice and set the course for the subsequent entries of Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 1993 and Elena Kagan in 2010. Today I salute Associate Justice O’Connor’s place in history, as the First Woman On The Supreme Court and call her “A Real Lady in the Courtroom”, for her poise,her presence and her purpose in the judicial system.


YoTrip-Words and Thoughts for Wednesday, September 1, 2010-Complain For The Better (Vol.9, Iss.1)

No Whining
COMPLAINTS are not welcome here. The time spent whining and moaning about how bad things are, could be used to develop a plan for making bad things so much better.” 9/1/10
Wisdom Wednesday-Wisdom is a gift, handle with care.

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