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Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for April 14,2011-The Poet In You (Vol.4,Iss.2)

Cover of "The Poet in You"

Cover of The Poet in You


The Poet In You

April is National Poetry Month. Since 1996, this country has tipped its hat and took a month to recognize the artistic expression of poetry. Born out of the success of  Black History and Women’s History month, National Poetry month has comfortably taken its place among the celebrated with ease and has been embraced by lovers of  words.

During National Poetry month, not only is the craft honored by the Acadmey of American Poets, but those who have become known as masters of the craft. The master poet, is an individual who embodies the way words intertwine and makes them come alive on the pages.

The master poet has always risen to the occasion throughout time. At each interval, you see the poet expressing themselves and sharing with the world around them. In conjunction with National Poetry Month, there is the The 30/30 Challenge which requires each participating poet to write at least one poem EVERY DAY in the month of April.

Poets like Phyllis Wheatley, Paul Lawrence Dunbar, Langston Hughes, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, William Wordsworth and William Shakespeare all shaped my love for poetry from a young age as I was prompted to read their work for class assignments. I love the old language and how these poets wrapped themselves in their poems. As I grow older and I moved from a reader to a writer of poetry, I expanded my list of poets to include the contemporary poets. My favorite contemporary poets included Maya Angelou, Rita Dove, Nikki Giovanni, Sonia Sanchez, Ntozake Shange liberated my poetic thinking.

The new age of poetic expressions celebrate poets who are performance artist is poetry that is specifically composed for or during a performance before an audience. During the 1980s, the term came into popular usage to describe poetry written or composed for performance rather than print distribution. The multi-talented Jill Scott was birthed out of the performance art movement in the ’90’s. Ms. Scott opened the door for the likes of Erykah Badu, India Arie, and others who blended powerful words with music.

Today’s poets are an eclectic blend of traditional, contemporary,modern and  the Spoken Word artist. The poet who hones the craft in the spoken word world, is free-thinking, unconventional,  and speaks to their life experiences in their mastery of words. This art of spoken word takes you to the intimate thoughts of the artist.

Recently I was introduced to an impassioned, influential, and inspiring spoken word artist, Autumn Blaze. I was so caught up in her delivery and presence.  Autumn Blaze is the epitome of her name: the season of cool, crisp air, the trees bloom the earth tones of honey mustard, carmel browns, rustic reds, and grand greens the backdrop of the surroundings is Autumn. Warm, swift, overarching she ignites like a Blaze, and burns onto your spirit.

When Autumn Blaze is at the mic she takes you on a journey that is raw, real, and relevant. “I had to snap today, excuse me y’all I had to snap today” or “Why does he keep making a fool out of me without telling me why?” and my favorite, “caught up in this exasperating cycle with you and all I can say is whew!” These phrases were a few I was able to scribble on a napkin while listening to the host of SOUL FOOD on Wednesday’s at Chef Eddie’s in Orlando. Along with Autumn Blaze there are a group of  talented artist and musicians who are doing their part to entertain and empower those who see the  beauty of poetic expression.

Is there a poet in you?

“Soaring Towards Heaven in 2011”
The sky is limitless…
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