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Tuesday Thinking by YoTrip for June 14, 2011-From Castaways to Champions (Vol.3, Iss.2)

Dirk Nowitzki playing with the Dallas Mavericks

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From Castaways to Champions

The Dallas Mavericks became the National Basketball Association (NBA) 2011 Champions after defeating the Miami Heat. The newly crowned champions were not favored to win or even be a contender for the coveted hardware. This Dallas Mavericks team lead by the German power forward, Dirk  Nowitzki  with the masterful shooting range, poise, and patience had to work hard to win. Instead of counting the Dallas Mavericks in, sports analyst and the naysayers were confident this team did not stand a chance against the three-pong threat of Miami’s Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosch.  Beyond the loyalty of their fans , the Dallas Mavericks had few who believed they could or would rise to the occassion and go from castaways to champions.

The Dallas Mavericks team has only been in the league 30 years and has come up short when it comes to winning a title. The legacy of the Los Angeles Lakers for the last several years as the team to beat out of the Western conference has found the Mavericks and other teams standing on the sidelines instead of in the spotlight. This year would prove to be different for Dallas as they found the heart and the will to raise their level of play pass being castaways and onto being champions. The 2011 NBA Finals was the place and the time for the Mavericks to show the world that this team was a team ready to move into the spotlight and take home the crown.

Castaways is a term that was befitting of this Dallas Maverick‘s team who surrounds the All-Star Dirk Nowitzki. The supporting cast of the Dallas Mavericks is  not full of soaring superstars, but of a group of talented players who showed drive, determination and diligence. Seven of the Mavericks fifteen players have ten or more years in the league. Guards Jason Terry and JJ Barea put on three-point clinics as they found the hot spots all over the hardwood in this championship series.Veteran guard Jason Kidd,  has played sixteen years in the league and winning a championship appeared to allude this future hall of fame recipient, but his leadership and experience proved to help make the difference for this team. Shawn Marion used his scrappy defensive play and funky free-throw shooting to be a presence on this  team. Center Tyson Chandler, was solid and protected the basket and provided power dunks when the team needed him to step  up his game. The rest of the Mavericks all gave their all as they chased a chance at becoming the best team in the NBA.

Coach Rick Carlisle, knows what it means to be a champion, as a member of the 1986 Boston Celtics. Carlisle believed in this Maverick team of castaways and kept pushing them to give a little more and play a little harder. The players could respect that coach Carlisle had been where they were and did not disappoint by coming up with wins. No one was prouder of the team than the outspoken and charismatic owner of the Mavericks, Mark Cuban. At every game Cuban could be seen court side in his signature tee shirts cheering the team on to victory. After eleven years of being the owner of a good Dallas Mavericks team, now Cuban was the owner of a championship team.

The Dallas Mavericks are champions and the play of Dirk Nowitzki was pivotal to making this happen. Dirk was consistent, played through the sickness of an 103 degree fever, and stayed the course making clutch shots to keep his team in the running for the championship. Dirk’s play is not flashy, but his talent and understanding of the game shows why he and his Dallas Mavericks have gone from castaways to champions. Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks, they  have the true spirit and heart of a champion.



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