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It Been 20 Years…

This week marks the anniversary of my arrival in the land of Mickey (Orlando) from the land of Country Music (Nashville). It is funny how the time has passed  as I reflect back to that face, that place, that space of January 1994…

In the days to come I will recall, revisit and remember the journey from Nashville or shall I say Antioch, Tennessee to Orlando, Florida.


It seems like yesterday when I received the call from my husband (yes I was a “Mrs.” back then. Another post for another time) saying the company (Olive Garden/OG) had accepted the proposal we developed, was ready to move forward and move us to sunny Orlando, Florida.

I was a ball of emotions trying to take in the fact that we were leaving Nashville (a place that had grown to be home in my three years there) and heading southward to Orlando. This was it.

Before we moved the OG brought us down for a visit and to help with the transition. We stayed at the then Adams Mark Hotel which is attached to the Florida Mall. While my husband met with his new bosses, I hung out at the mall and planned for our upcoming moving date and looked at where I would work once we settled in to Orlando.

During our visit we were wined and dined with Presidents and Vice Presidents and other corporate big wigs.

Our time in Orlando was fun and full of relaxation. I arrived in Nashville in relation mode. Over the next month, I was in relocation mode. I had to be ready when the movers arrived.

This move was apart of our dream. All we had to do was be ready to go forward. It was still scary going to a new lands. A co-worker knew I loved by Dr. Maya Angelou so she gave me the book,” I Won’t Take Nothing For My Journey”, the title speaks volumes to where we were going.

On Dr. Martin Luther King,Jr weekend in January 1994 Tim, Snoopy (the dog) and I headed to Augusta, Georgia to see my family and friends and to rest.

After 20 years, I have had some ups and downs, some wins and some loss. I am here and still standing. I can truly say, The Best Is Yet To Come!

“Fit and Lean in 2014!
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Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for April 19, 2011, A Lesson Serving with Excellence

Have you ever had an opportunity to experience service delivered in an excellent way? Most people come from all over the planet to the “Mouse House” and the land of Disney to experience the magic of service delivered in an excellent way. A master in the arena of making dreams come true for its visitors, Disney is the bearer of the gold standard in service. Happy employees generate an infectious environment that boils over with smiles, joy and good feelings. Disney has perfected serving with excellence in the theme parks area, but fast-food gentle giant Chick-fil-A  has set the bar for serving  its customers with excellence.

Chick-fil-A has been around for over 40 years serving up excellence and chicken sandwiches from it beginnings in Atlanta, Georgia‘s Greenbrier Mall. Founder and owner S. Truett Cathy has strong beliefs and work ethic that is instilled in the people who are employed by Chick-fil-A. Serving with excellence is not just a passing phrase it is apart of the business philosophy, that Truett Cathy has also passed along to his son Dan Cathy, the current President and Chief Operating Officer.

On a recent visit to Chick-fil-A, I walked into the doors about 15 minutes before closing. The cashier was hard at work mopping the floors in his area. When I approached the counter, Dixon gave me a big smile and said “Good evening mama, it is my pleasure to take your order.” I was pleasantly surprised and asked for a vanilla shake without whip cream or the cherry. Dixon, when over to his co-worker and asked if she would make the shake and she smiled at me and proceed to make one shake for me and another for the person in the drive-thur. There was a young lady standing counting money at one of the side registers, and she smiled and also greeted me. Once his co-worker finished making the shake, Dixon took it and passed it over the counter to me along with my cup of water. 

I proceeded out to my car with shake and water in tow, I placed the shake on the roof of the car to open the door and the filled cup was spilling over. I decided to return to the restaurant and get another cup. When I opened the door I was greeted with a happy hello and a look of concerned. Dixon asked if I dropped the shake and I explained that it was spilling over and I needed a larger cup. Dixon gladly took the cup and said “it is my pleasure, to change out that cup.” The young lady who was counting money smiled and I asked if she was the manager, she said yes. I could see the youthfulness in her face and I joked that she needed a work permit. The young lady then offered “I have been working her since I was 15 years old and I am 19, soon to turn 20.” I chuckled and said that, “Chick-fil-A is a place where people stay forever.” I smiled and both Dixon and the young lady warmly offered me a good night. This was great to see that up until the doors closed the staff at Chick-fil-A were serving with excellence.

Today I visited the Orange Ave. Chick-fil-A and the  staff really displayed excellence in service. There were two ladies working in the lobby carrying a tray filled with mints and items for clearing tables. Armed with smiles, Katherine and Cathy, buzzed around speaking to customers dining in the lobby, “would you like a refill on your drink? It is my pleasure”, “may I take and empty this tray for you, my pleasure”, “would you like some ice cream? A cone or cup.” These two retirees from BellSouth, loves being around and working with people. 

Sitting and observing both Katherine and Cathy interact with visitors to Chick-fil-A, it made me smile and taught me a valuable lesson in serving with excellence. When you genuinely enjoy the work you do, it shows in how you provide for those who enter in your presence seeking service in excellence.

“Soaring Towards Heaven in 2011″
The sky is limitless…
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