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Closing the NaBlogPoMo 2013

Well we have come to the end of this month of November and my exercise in participating in the NaBlogPoMo or BLOGGING and WRITING for The Next 30 Days. I must admit I wrote a lot of days but not everyday. I allowed myself to work from some prompts and other times I do what has even my staple…working from the three P’s (people, places, and possessions).

I want to thank the wonderful people at BlogHer.com for posting and presenting the blogging challenge it helped me with some self-discovery and sharpening my blogger iron. I hoped for daily post but it just did not materialize. This did help me see that inspired post that causes my tribe to pause ad then think is my niche.

As we enter the month of December and closeout 2013. I will use my time to be reflective on the past year and refreshed as we move toward the future in 2014! I believe the best is yet to come!


I live for an opportunity to exercise my blog/writing discipline ( when I force myself to be on a posting schedule) all in the name of promoting the three P’s- People, Places, and Possessions. People who matter, places worth talking about and possessions I am happy to share. When I am in blog/writing mode I am work the three P’s and do my part to impart knowledge and inform the masses.

This November I have decided to join the company of the beautiful boasters of BlogHer.com for their National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo). For the next 30 days, I vow to blog, write, and post! Sounds pretty simple right, well we will see if I am up to the challenge. I will channel the inner blog/writing discipline and see what comes out on the other side.

Taking part in the NaBloPoMo,also allows me to expand my reach with others in the blog/writing community. I am so a proponent of support and encouragement. I am looking forward to great blogging and writing in the 30 days to come.

Let the blogging and writing begin…

“You Say 2013, I Say 20NeXt!
Make the Moments Matter”

Yolanda Clay Triplett
~Words and Thoughts Artist~

Join us for The 100 Day SMART GOAL CHALLENGE http://www.facebook.com/events/444796945573132/


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“Words the joyful noise of my
mouth, sweet sounds to my ears.The
results of a love affair between
pen and paper, words”

Copyright © 2013 YoTrip-Words and Thoughts



Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for September 27, 2012-The 100 Day SMART GOAL CHALLENGE (Vol,9. Iss.4)

The 100 Day SMART GOAL CHALLENGE   "The 100 Day SMART Goal Challenge"


Last week I made a stop in your track discovery. As I finished up my daily devotion from my YouVersion app on my phone, I was congratulated for completing my 265th day of study. It hit me…We had 100 days left in the year before we embarked on 2013.

Later that morning I had a conversation with a person who was turning 40 soon and was concerned that she did not know what she wanted to be when she grew up. I told her she was going to have to “represent” to join the 4.0 club! I then went into analyze mode and began to question her about what she like, loved and would do if she could and not worry about failing. The rapid line of questioning stunned her and then she became silent. Then offered that she needed help with establishing a goal. I said okay and then  she left my office . I went to Google and added Goal setting to the search box. I pulled up some information  and went looking for her in her work area. I left the papers in her chair and returned to my office.

Later that evening while out with friends, it came to me. I needed to do something significant in the 100 days to come. I then shared this with Dr. Loretta Faith Harris. I am going to establish an event to help others achieve their goal within the next 100 days. She smiled and I was ready to get home and let my fingers catch up with my mind.

I went to social media (my Facebook page) and created an event page. I decided to call the event, THE 100 DAY SMART GOAL CHALLENGE. I always thought of what I had learned in Goal Setting workshops and lessons. When you determined a GOAL you needed to make it SMART. The SMART acronym is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. This event would gather people who all want to accomplish something by January 1, 2013.  I was hyped and hoped I could get my Facebook  friends to come aboard and join the movement.  See the information below. Come on aboard and join us! #100Day #SMARTGOAL

The 100 Day SMART Goal Challenge is an opportunity for you to establish a task (large or small) and take the steps necessary to complete it by January 1, 2013. The “100 Day SMART Goal Challenge” event is a collective place where those who join can come together collectively as Accountability Partners to encourage and empower their selves and others. http://www.facebook.com/events/444796945573132/

Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for September 25, 2012-The PUSH (Vol.9, Iss.



PUSH (Photo credit: Steve Snodgrass)




In the birthing process you cannot get to the delivery without THE PUSH.  The labor process is rarely seen as easy, it is where you start to put in the work. The PUSH, or act of PUSHING moves you closer to delivery. The intensity of THE PUSH takes major effort on the part of the pusher.


Are you in the mist of THE PUSH in your life? Is it hard or is it easy as you labor towards delivery? What will you deliver? Now is the time to focus as you are in the final stretch of THE PUSH.


Keep telling yourself that THE PUSH has a greater  reward, THE DELIVERY!


Do you want to make your PUSH matter? Then join us for The 100m Day SMART GOAL CHALLENGE http://www.facebook.com/events/444796945573132/




Young Entrepreneurs Society, YES! Hosts monthly social networking events to encourage and cultivate professional growth and business development.


*****Join Dr. Loretta Faith Harris for the “Developing the Business Professional Workshop Series” Saturday,December 15 , 2012 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM (ET) Orlando, FL to register go tohttp://dbp3.eventbrite.com/ ***********


Do you want to be inspired and learn how to live triumphantly? Listen to the Dr. Loretta Faith Harris Radio Show on Wednesday’s from 6:30 pm-7:00 pmEST, join ushttp://www.blogtalkradio.com/lorettafaithharris


Write your Story. Join the Orlando Renaissance Writers Guild. http://www.orwriters.org/ Purchase a copy of the collaborative book an “Anthology




Turning Back Is  NOT An Option!


Yolanda Clay Triplett
~Words and Thoughts Artist~



“Words the joyful noise of my
mouth, sweet sounds to my ears.The
results of a love affair between
pen and paper, words”




Copyright © 2012 YoTrip-Words and Thoughts




Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for July 31,2012-Developing the Business Professional Workshop

I humbly lend this blog space  to introduce to some and present to others the visionary offering in the name of helping others grow and advance. Dr. Loretta Faith Harris, has established the “Developing the Business Professional Workshop Series” to help everyone from the beginner to the expert sharpen their skills as a speaker, writer and presenter.  The press release below gives you information and insight on what you can expect as an attendee on Saturday, August 18, 2012. 


Contact: Sherona Nandram

E-mail: sherona@pnpmarket.com

Telephone: 407.745.7253

Developing the Business Professional Workshop: Central Florida’s Premier Workshop Experience

Orlando, FL – July 27, 2012 – Professional speaker and business owner, Dr. Loretta Faith Harris, launched the first installment of, “Developing the Business Professional” workshop series on July 21, 2012. DBP is a premier workshop that is taking Central Florida by force! This workshop provides foundational training, tools, and resources to enhance the business professionals’ speaking, writing, and presentation skills, which will lead to an overall successful professional branding experience. Registration includes lunch and a Business Professional Workshop Kit filled with valuable research from experts in the field, presentation handouts, professional articles, writing frames, business templates, tips, and resources.

“As a professional speaker with over 15 years experience, a successful business owner for over six years, and a member of almost a dozen professional organizations, I noticed a trend. There is a great need for ongoing professional development in the areas of speaking, writing, and presentation skills for professionals,” says Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris is the visionary and workshop facilitator for, “Developing the Business Professional” workshop series. DBP is hosted at Nova Southeastern University in Orlando, Florida the third Saturday of every month. Joining Dr. Harris is a team of experts with decades of experience in their respected field: Sunnie Jackson serves as a Business Fashion Consultant, Yolanda “YoTrip” Triplett a Professional Blogger, and Marty L. Ward a Business Consultant.

Attendees rated their individual DBP workshop experience and 100% would recommend DBP workshop to others! Overall, 95% were glad they experienced DBP and 83% found new insight and were inspired to act!

“This workshop was extremely helpful for all professional entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Dr. Faith did an exceptional job of delivering and facilitating. The co-presenters were right on point. A must attend for the next event,” raves Karen Fortune, Argano Gold Gourmet Coffee.

Workshop Overview:

The Professional Speaker

 Make a lasting “First Impression”

 Facing the fears associated with professional speaking

 The Do’s and Don’ts of public speaking

 Customize and accessorize with the latest business fashion

The Professional Writer

 Tips for professional writing

 Avoid frequent copyright mistakes

 Publish your professional manuscript

The Professional Presentation

 Presentation tips for leaders: make an impact with style

 Presentation strategies: deliver your message with new technologies

 Presentation promotions: increase your cliental and generate sales

Register for DBP2 today! Student and group discounts available! http://www.dbp2.eventbrite.com

For sponsorship and vendor opportunities call 407.614.5176.

Developing the Business Professional Workshop Series

Nova Southeastern University 4850 Millenia Boulevard Orlando, FL 32839 August 18, 2012, 10-2 pm

For more information Call: 407.614.5176. Email: DBPWorkshop@LorettaFaithHarris.com

Website: http://www.lorettafaithharris.com/DBPWorkshop

Sponsored by, CHPublishing, Inc., Young Entrepreneurs Society, YES, Nova Southeastern University

To read Harris’s complete story and obtain more information visit http://www.LorettaFaithHarris.com, register to receive updates, news and information. To read her inspirational blogs, go to: http://lorettaharris.wordpress.com. And, connect with her on LinkedIn and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/DrLorettaHarris. Dr. Harris can be reached by phone at 407.614.5176.


Dr. Harris is a professional speaker, award-winning author, certified life coach, and entrepreneur. She is president and CEO of CHPublishing, Inc. and Coaching by Faith. With a message of Triumphant Living, Dr. Harris desire is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals through published literature and coaching services.

Dr. Harris is the founder of the non-profit organization, Journey Less Traveled Foundation, which provides outreach services to families whose children have lost their lives due to tragedy. She is the host and motivating force behind the “Dr. Loretta Faith Harris Radio Show” for triumphant living. The recipient of many prestigious awards, including Distinguished Minority Educator of the Year, Network Orlando’s Woman of the Month, and Florida’s Finest, Dr. Harris is also an active member of the African American Chamber of Commerce, Florida Publishers Association, Young Entrepreneurs Society, Kappa Delta Pi, The Orlando Renaissance Writers Guild, SRB Group, and Orlando Women in Business.


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