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YoTrip’s Word For The Day: Blessings


Blessed (Photo credit: Nastassia Davis [www.nastassiadavis.com])

Do you realize the blessings in your life? Most people will say yes without even thinking about it. We wake up in the morning and our minds are filled with all that we have to complete on our to do list. Did you say “thank you Lord” for my life, health and seeing another day? No you were so consumed with all the things that you wished you had. You forgot about the roof that covers your head at night, the closets you have busting over with clothes, you cannot see the floor for all the shoes that cover it. There is a choice of food items in your refrigerator, you have multiple bathrooms in your home, you drive a vehicle to your destinations and you have a job! All that is a blessing!
This morning as I was on my way to work I went off the normal path and stopped at a different place for coffee. The parking lot was busy with cars coming in and going out in a hurry. I looked out my passenger window and saw her slowing approaching the entrance of the store. This woman was wearing a heavy coat, a hat on her head and layers of tattered clothes in this Florida heat. The woman’s slowness was probably due to the fact that she pulled all her belongings behind her in an old suitcase.
 I rushed into the store unfamiliar with the setup seeking coffee. I found the coffee counter and looked for my favorite flavor. Begin to assemble the perfect blend of Joe, and looked for the bananas. I did not see the bananas around the coffee and asked the attendant who directed me to the front counter. I walked toward the front counter and encountered the woman as she carried a 64 oz cup of some red juice and looking at the change in her hand as if she did not have enough for this drink to quench her thirst. As our eyes met, I spoke and so did she, I asked if she would like something else to go with the drink. The woman nodded yes and pointed to the wings in the warmer. I asked the attendant to get her some wings. The woman looked back at me and I said get something else if you like, she whispered “one more thing” my heart danced at that moment. I received the blessing as I gave a blessing to the woman.
The blessing was the act of encouragement I received from the woman. The humility I saw in this woman’s eyes brought me to a place to acknowledge that we must recognize our blessings one by one. Our blessings may seem small but they are the gifts that God has bestowed upon us. I am thankful for each and every blessing that I received today?
Can you share a story of a blessing you received recently? Let me hear back from you, comment below.

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