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YoTrip Presents: My Thoughts on The Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference (#FLBlogCon13)

image(All the buzz as we await the #FlBlogCon13 opening)

( Bess Auer and YoTrip Pictures courtesy of YoTrip  9/21/13– #FlBlogCon13)

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to attend the 3rd Annual Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference (#FlBlogCon13). On the campus of the world-renowned Full Sail University a power-packed day of learning and yearning was planned for all the attendees. I gathered with over 300 others who had desired to be refreshed, revived and renewed in the field of blogging,  social influence, brand management, media strategist, and public relations.

From the opening, we viewed a thrilling video developed and produced by some of the students of Full Sail. The video was so inline with the conference theme “Aiming for Awesome”, introduced to the crowd by Bess Auer, visionary behind #FlBlogcon13.  Bess also welcomed sponsor Bahama Breeze, who introduced a new signature drink and gave away five all expense paid trips to the Bahamas. Lesson learned: never underestimate the power of looking under your table to find a hidden treasure.

The opening speaker, Pat Williams got the crowd going with his motivational moments. We were challenged by Pat Williams to practice ten things and we would see our dreams become reality. From right thoughts, to right words, to goal setting, to being responsible, and seek the right kind of friends were the first five.  The next five were to take our hurts,pains and setbacks into our success, next we should go the second mile by doing twice of what is expected, never give up because winners never surrender, remember character still counts and we should live our life by the Faith phenomenal. Pat Williams opening keynote “talk” was dead on and full of great nuggets on  making your dreams a reality.

As a first timer I decided to check out the  Blogger 101 class facilitated by conference founder Bess Auer. I wanted to hear blogging explained from the basic level. The way Bess presented her information a young child could start a blog on the spot! The session taught me a thing or two to improve my blogs.

My next session was “How Do Bloggers Make Money” and the speaker Jeanette Scott of J’s Everyday Fashion  shared creative ways to convert your writing landscape to dollars.  Jeanette shared myths and truths as she knew them to help people see that making money blogging is not a bad thing when done with class and style.

The foodie in me was happy to get to the business of lunch provided by Bahama Breeze. The sun was beaming down as if it wanted to play a major part in setting the mood for great meal of Shrimp and grits, salad, and the new signature drink.  Everything was just yummy from start to finish, hats off to Bahama Breeze. I also made some new friends (ladies from Tampa) in the chow line and met up with my dear friend Gennia  who introduced me to a group of lovely ladies.

I needed to be engaged after that yummy lunch, so I joined food blogger Julie Deily, The Little Kitchen, who gave insight on being a full-time blogger after leaving a safe and secure full-time engineering job. Julie was encouraging and a straight shooter when giving out advice and lessons learned in her life as a blogger.

I am a bit bias but my friend Sili M. Recio (My Manihood) was apart of an innovative and informative session on “The Business of Blogging: Building Relationships With Brands”.  The ladies on this panel gave the attendees case studies that lead to success in a branding campaign, tips for working to make your clients brand buzz, and increase their influence and engagement with their audience.

I signed up to get a new headshot taken and the photographer  was busy  with his steady stream of people trying to get in front of his lens. While I waited I enjoyed some deliciously cool treats from the Florida Dairy Council.  I met a nice group of folks who also wanted to cool off and feel like a kid, eating ice cream. One of the guys in the circle traveled from Washington, DC for the event and I also met with one of the Sysco representatives that shared how this company has a major impact on the food supply throughout the country.  At the conference closing the Sysco lady spoke to the attendees about making a difference in the community.

The closer for the #FLBlogCon13 was Pam Moore, CEO/Founder of Marketing Nutz and she made it clear that we should all remember “You are the Media” and that we should always think bigger.  Pam shared that social media gives us a platform for where we want to go, embrace the journey and be engaged.

The #FLBlogCon13 came to a close with the Ford After Party.  This party was full of food, fellowship, flowing music, fabulous drinks, and of course a fleet of Ford vehicles on display. The foodie in me was happy to visit all of the stations and partake of the sensational servings of tasty bites. From a variety of wings, to a meat and cheese bar, veggies, a cook to order pasta station and then the topper was the towers of mini cupcakes from Gigi’s cupcakes. Everyone was happy to eat, chat, and drink up as the sun went down and a coolness was ushered in to closeout the day.

From start to finish, I really enjoyed my experience at the #FLBlogCon13. It was informative, impactful and insightful to listen and learn from others on varying subjects in the world of blogging and social media. I am a life-long learning and anytime I can get into an environment that will give me knowledge on the craft of writing, blogging and social media, I am a happy person.

The venue of Full Sail University set the atmosphere, Pat Williams set the tone, the sessions were the foundation, the sponsors  were generous and the food was fantastic! Hats off to Bess Auer and her team for putting on The Florida Blogger and Social Media Conference (#FLblogCon13) for the third year in a row. I am looking forward to connecting with all the people I encountered during this event. I also can say that for the conference theme “Aiming for Awesome” was in full effect!

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