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YoTrip Presents The Word of The Day: Wait or Weight

Weight Limit

Weight Limit (Photo credit: fatedsnowfox)

English: Friction due to surface microstructur...

English: Friction due to surface microstructure imperfections (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wait  (wt)

v. wait·edwait·ingwaits



a. To remain or rest in expectation: waiting for the guests to arrive. See Synonyms at stay1.
b. To tarry until another catches up.
2. To remain or be in readiness: lunch waiting on the table.
3. To remain temporarily neglected, unattended to, or postponed: The trip will have to wait.





the amount or quantity of heaviness or mass; amount a thing weighs.


Physics. the force that gravitation exerts upon a body, equal to the mass of the body times the local acceleration of gravity: commonly taken, in a region of constant gravitational acceleration, as a measure of mass.


a system of units for expressing heaviness or mass: avoirdupois weight.


a unit of heaviness or mass: The pound is a common weight in English-speaking countries.


a body of determinate mass, as of metal, for using on a balance or scale in weighing objects,substances, etc.


a specific quantity of a substance that is determined by weighing or that weighs a fixed amount: a half-ounce weight of gold dust.


any heavy load, mass, or object: Put down that weight and rest your arms.


an object used or useful solely because of its heaviness: the weights of a clock.


a mental or moral burden, as of care, sorrow, or responsibility: Knowing you are safe takes a weight off my mind.


importance, moment, consequence, or effective influence: an opinion of great weight.

Wait or Weight

Have you ever  had to WAIT  on some people. place or possession to become available?

Did you fee like while you were in the mist of your WAIT you were carrying WEIGHT

The time that you were in your period of WAIT made you really focus on the WEIGHT of all your concerns

It is funny that as you WAIT (expecting something to occur) that you find that WEIGHT feels like it’s coming down on your world

Have you ever looked at why you WAIT and wonder how the WEIGHT gets so heavy

You have  heard the phrases: “It is worth the WAIT” or “WAIT on the Lord and be of good cheer” or “You are worth your WEIGHT in gold” or “If you want to get things done you may have to push your WEIGHT around”. The WAIT and the WEIGHT can be active and things take place or passive and actions occurs.

When you WAIT while watching your WEIGHT, you will see the patient hope from what was the WAIT or WEIGHT to what you can become! There is power in the WAIT and the WEIGHT in your life.

What are you doing during the WAIT? What WEIGHT is holding you back?

Who makes you WAIT? Who works with you regarding your WEIGHT?

When is it hard to WAIT? When does WEIGHT get in the way?

Where is the best place to WAIT? Where is the worst place for WEIGHT to form?

WAIT OR WEIGHT both can be heavy and light



                                                                                           ^^Peaceful Rest I bid you Rosemary Pate^^


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