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Dr. Ruth: A Writer Of The Year You Should Know

Dr. Ruth: A Writer Of The Year  People Should Know

I am honored to be connected to some highly talented writer’s and published authors through my affiliation with The Orlando Renaissance Writer’s Guild. This year Dr. Ruth Baskerville, was named The 2015 Writer Of The Year by The Guild. Read on to find out about Dr. Ruth…

Who is Dr. Ruth?

“Dr. Ruth” is actually Dr. Ruth L. Baskerville, born in NYC, spent 35 years in NJ Public Schools as high school English and Theatre teacher, administrator K-12, and member of Central Office as Directors of Human Relations/Personnel and Curriculum/Staff Development. She and husband, Waverly migrated to Florida because their only child, husband and four grandchildren lived there.

Dr. Ruth was a principal in Orlando and an Atlanta, GA suburb, and is now Principal of City of Life Orlando Christian Academy, ending 43 years in education in June.

Dr. Ruth is the author of HOODLESS KLAN and FINDING HUMOR IN GRIEF, winning gold medals for the second book from Florida Authors and Publishers Association and Florida Writers Association. Recently, Dr. Ruth also won Writer of the Year Award from the Orlando Renaissance Writers Guild. She is an editor, ghostwriter, grant writer, and tutor of students K-12.

Dr. Ruth, you have two very different books you have authored. Can you share a brief synopsis of them?

I spent four years as principal of a large charter school in an Atlanta suburb, during which time a powerful, wealthy group of politically connected individuals tried to intimidate me into denying minority children from placement into gifted classes, ignoring minority parent concerns, and putting disparaging letters into files of minority teachers for no other reason than blatant racism. They quickly realized they needed to get rid of me, and created an elaborate plot against which Waverly and I stood tall. HOODLESS KLAN is based on my story of racism in education in modern times, and reads like a “thriller.”

The day the only publisher to whom I sent my manuscript sent an email of acceptance for publication, Waverly died. After almost 45 years together, I was utterly lost. Trying to do the mostly technological tasks he had done caused me to make “funny” mistakes. I realized that there was humor in the midst of grief, and wrote FINDING HUMOR IN GRIEF, which most reviewers called my “love story.” It’s also about my spiritual healing. It is tender, sad and oh, so humorous.

What have you learned on the journey to becoming a writer and award-winning author?

I’ve learned first to forgive everyone everything, and to ask God to show me where I need to apologize or change my habits. I always had a gift for writing, particularly creative writing and character descriptions. Waverly encouraged, really pushed me to write HOODLESS KLAN, and since then, I’ve been approached to find the words to tell others’ stories, and to use my strong background in English and Latin to edit other authors’ books.

Being principal in a Christian school showed me that the missing piece in public education is prayer. I love beginning each day with Chapel, and stopping to pray when learning seems tough for my students. I’ve grown exponentially closer to God than ever before, which I now see is the reason He separated me from my Waverly. I was too comfortable on his arm, and God wanted to stretch me. I absolutely feel like I’m being stretched daily, and sometimes it’s painful, but always necessary for my spiritual advancement.

Who or what inspires you?

My first response to this question is that God and the Holy Bible inspire me. I had read the Holy Bible more than once, but it’s as if someone wrote a new book while I slept! Everything we need to live, love and prosper is found in scriptures.

My daughter, Alicia inspires me. She is a mother of four, homeschooling all of them, teaching two online college classes, and working on her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She has Multiple Sclerosis, but manages the disease with grace and strength. Being a widow allows me to notice her ability to balance her busy life, and still expose her children to moral character through Christianity. Her husband is an amazing support who loves her like my Waverly loved me.

What is next for you as an author?

I have begun my third book, BEHOLD THE TURTLE. The title comes from a quote by James Conant: “Behold the turtle! He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.” You can imagine the contents of this book!

I’ve done almost two dozen book readings and signings in five states, and plan to more aggressively market my books to potential audiences. I have gotten more clients to tutor, including prep for GED, ACT, SAT, and completing college application letters. I’ve provided content and technical editing assistance to two persons completing their Doctorates, and six published and aspiring authors. Seems like I can’t get away from anything involving writing and teaching.

Please add how my followers can connect with you (social media), as well as, how they can purchase your books.

Anyone wishing to order my books (HOODLESS KLAN $19.95, FINDING HUMOR IN GRIEF $14.95), may contact me via my email address or website, and I’ll personalize a message before delivering or mailing them. I have gold stickers to place on my second book. Books may also be purchased from Amazon.com, Baker & Taylor.



YouTube – Look up Finding Humor in Grief–Dr. Ruth Baskerville

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mVSj1El9-4&list=UUTq4Rp9oOfLbWht21a7jj-Q (Author’s Showcase “Writing Expert Panelist” – Dr. Ruth is first speaker)


 Thanks Dr. Ruth for sharing and congratulations on your being named 2015 Writer Of The Year!


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