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Lynda Carter Wonder Womanhttp://sciencefiction.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/LyndaCarter7.jpg

Daily Prompt: It Builds Character

Tell us about a favorite character from film, theater, or literature, with whom you’d like to have a heart-to-heart. What would you talk about?

The picture speak volume to who Wonder Woman was to a kid growing up in the ’70’s.  Loved to watch this show every week as this crime-fighting woman held her own against the bad guys. A true transformer, Wonder Woman would go from a mild-mannered government worker to this super heroine that help save the world in the course of 44 minutes.

The persona of Wonder Woman is clothed in the colors of these United States, she is a champion for justice. Gifted with super powers that help her elevate about the everyday person, Wonder Woman ruled and reigned as one of the few superheroes that were female. In the eyes of a young girl growing up in Augusta, Georgia, Wonder Woman was larger than life and could get it all done with ease.

If I sat down with my beloved Wonder Woman and conversed I would want to know a few things:

What made her think she could do it all?

Why did she set me up to think I could do it all?

What made her think that jumping into a headband, cape, belt, bathing suit and go-go boots for five minutes could be how you save the world and solve problems?

What would the Wonder Woman of the ’70’s say to the modern-day Wonder Woman?

Does she see Wonder Woman as a game changer?

Wonder Woman responds in the next post…


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