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YoTrip Presents: Marian A. Clay, “A Woman People Should Know”


YoTrip Presents: Marian A. Clay, “A Woman People Should Know”

Marian J Blige 2012

Below is my fifth feature blog post in honor of Women’s History Month.  This post is near and dear to me because it is my SHERO, my joy, my inspiration, the wind beneath my wings, my Mother. It is important that we celebrate the beauty and brains of women. Please enjoy learning about these fascinating women and then make sure you support them in their passions, projects, and products.

Who are you? Please share something about yourself and your passion.

Marian Anderson Clay is the third of seven children raised with love by her parents Joe L. and Ruth Anderson. I am a child of God, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, an aunt, and a cousin. I am an active retiree, that loves the Lord, my family and my life! I was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia.  I attribute my upbringing to both sets of my family life; we spent quality time together and enjoyed being around each other.

 I have a passion for volunteering. I have been a volunteer since my youth working with individuals in my neighborhood and then I really became serious when my children were in school (I was a member of the PTA and PTS). I was instrumental in getting a traffic light put in on a major highway to help keep my children and others safe.

From 1994-2002 I worked as a hospice volunteer with St. Joseph then Trinity Hospice. My patients were dealing with all forms of cancer, HIV/AIDS, men, women who were young and old. In 1996, I was named the Employee of Year for my volunteer efforts at the V.A. Medical Center in Augusta, Georgia. Also I won a national award the Golden Rule Award from JC Penney’s for my volunteer efforts via the United Way, for my work with hospice patients. In conjunction with the Golden Rule Award I received a letter of recognition from President William “Bill” Jefferson Clinton.

Currently I volunteer with the Compass Mentoring Services Inc.; we work with at risk youth from ages 3-19 who are in need of life skills. We also assist the parents with coping and parenting skills. I also work with the Lydia Project, a group that focuses on women who have had any form of cancer. This organization provides bags of encouragement as women go through their cancer treatment. I work as a prayer partner and caller for the women in need. I am a long-time walker in the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life and I participate in the University Hospital’s Miracle Mile.

What makes you a “Woman People Should Know”?

I am people oriented and I have a love of and for people. I never met a person that I forget. I ask the Lord to help me remember people and he continually does that in my daily encounters. I am God-fearing and I have a strong Christ-like personality. My family (especially my three children Yolanda, Greta, and William as well as my grandchildren) are essential to what keeps me going and growing. I humbly submit myself to serve and be of service.

When did you find out that you had that something special that you wanted to share with the world?

In my formable years, I realized I had a need a love and a desire to serve people. I made it my mission to give back to others; it is my life’s work. If I meet a person in need, I do my best to try to offer them assistance. My parents instilled this concept in me and I have lived by it and did my best to pass it along to my children and grandchildren. My parents also taught me the importance of being responsible and it has stayed with me all of my life.

Where do you see yourself in the times to come?

My destiny has been decided and I know that my life has been full. I want to be wherever I am needed to serve. My aspirations are to enjoy myself no matter what comes because I know who holds my future. I am always pressing towards the high calling, which for me is Christ Jesus.

How do you make it all happen?

I realize that I can do nothing myself. I have to put all my trust and faith in the Lord. I do know this,All things work together for the good, for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose.” I received a birthday card that said the following: “A women ought to appreciate her own beauty, value her own wisdom, and be surrounded by people who couldn’t agree more.”

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