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YoTrip-Words and Thoughts Guest Post- “Un-desensitized In The Aftermath” by Katandra Shanel Jackson

Sandy Hook, Connecticut

Sandy Hook, Connecticut (Photo credit: Dougtone)

Today I yield my time and space  to a talented mother, entrepreneur, writer, poet, author, editor and  publisher…Katandra “Kat” Shanel Jackson. Like millions of others,  “Kat” was moved to express her feelings about the tragic incident from last Friday, December 14, 2012.


A dedication poem to the children of Sandy Hook Elementary, Newtown Connecticut & every child that has lost their life to such tragic acts…

  Un-desensitized In The Aftermath  

We are unmoved. The pain doesn’t physically ‘touch’ us. So much violence. We’ve become immune to gunshots and bloodshed. As a mother, im concerned that I have not wept at the loss of so many young, innocent, beautiful lives. So I close my eyes and imagine the surprise on each little face. The gun cocked and loaded and the crimson embracing the place where each lifeless child now lay. The last beat of each heart. The blood no longer warm in their veins. The lost parents and lonely pets. Too many confused siblings, family members and friends. A lessened decibel in each home, one less cry, two less shoes to tie, no longer a need to explain why grandparents die. The empty setting, how many unfixed plates. Abandoned dolls, teddy bears, jump ropes and skates. And I pray as the pain at the loss of another’s child touches me, physically, and I allow these tears to flow freely.

©Katandra Shanel Jackson

CEO at FreedomInk Publishing


December 18, 2012


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4 thoughts on “YoTrip-Words and Thoughts Guest Post- “Un-desensitized In The Aftermath” by Katandra Shanel Jackson

  1. Deep. Beautiful. And true. Thank you.

  2. Very touching and heart wrenching sentiments. Thank you Katandra for your words, and may we never be desensitized by such horrific events.

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