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Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip Auntie Ruth and YoTrip @ 24 Walker Street, circa Christmas 1968(Vol.2,Iss.2)


Here is a picture of me and my Aunt Mamie Ruth Mack Simmons. I was a youngster not more than two years old and it appears to be Christmas season (tree in the background) is a giveaway. Auntie Ruth and I were standing in the entryway of my Grandparents (Joe L. and Ruth Anderson) home at 24 Walker Street in Augusta, Georgia. My Auntie Ruth is looking  at me all smiles and joyfully holding me like I was a  gift at Christmas time. Auntie Ruth was sharp as a tack and her petite frame made her look classy and well put together, she was a lady’s lady.

On this past <a class="zem_slink" title="Saturday morning cart

oon” href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturday_morning_cartoon&#8221; rel=”wikipedia”>Saturday morning my dear Auntie Ruth slipped away from life and into death peacefully in her sleep. I am still not believing that she is no longer here. Auntie Ruth lived life to the fullest,  and did not even resemble her years. In fact we always wondered how “young” the oldest child of the seven siblings really was, it was a family legend and mystery.

Whenever we came together as a family we could always joke and laugh about how Auntie Ruth would feed us Cheerios without sugar back in the day. It was always a chore to try to distract Aunt Ruth so that one of the other children could sneak a scoop of sugar from the caddie that sat in the middle of the table. The family never let’s us (my sister Greta and I ) forget that we held a loaded gun to Auntie Ruth’s  temple as she lay in bed, and tried with success to coax the weapon out of the hands of a 4 and 5-year-old.

Until Saturday I had not known life without Auntie Ruth. I can only feel a wave of sadness at her transitioning from this earth and on to her heavenly home. I can be equally glad knowing that this world and all those she loved and touched were better for having come into her mist. May you  find peace Auntie Ruth as you have done your work here and can go onward and upward to  your final place of rest.

Salute and blessings to my Auntie Mamie Ruth Mack Simmons, find your place of rest. Mamie Ruth Mack Simmons




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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip Auntie Ruth and YoTrip @ 24 Walker Street, circa Christmas 1968(Vol.2,Iss.2)

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