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Thursday Thoughts by YoTrip for December 22, 2011-CHRISTMAS Is His Birthday Not Yours! (Vol.12, Iss.3)

Happy Christmas Folks! Here is another timeless post to share again with the masses

Did you celebrate this Christmas 2013 in a special way? Or did you do little or nothing? Was this holiday difficult for you because a loved one is no longer living to share in making memories? Were you serving this country in a foreign country on land or sea? Did you have a traditional meal of turkey/ham and all the trimmings or did you eat outside of the box (Steak, seafood, Italian or Chinese take-out)?

In all of these wonderings and such did you recall it is His birthday and not yours to celebrate. It is Jesus’ who we pause to recognize not the chubby man in the red suit. I hope you took a moment to share and give love to others in the spirit of our greatest gift Jesus Christ.

YoTrip, 2013

CHRISTMAS is the largest holiday celebrated by people all over the world. Too often everyone gets all wrapped up in the presents that are presented and paying little attention to the greatest gift given. Always keep Christ in Christmas.” 12/21/11 ~~YoTrip

The birth of Jesus Christ is the reason for the season of Christmas, yet everyone acts as if it is their birthday. Newsflash folks stop ripping, running and rushing around for others and take a moment to put Christ back into Christmas.

December 25th will come and many people will be so consumed and absorbed with trees, decorations, that jolly joker Santa Claus, and cooking that they neglect and overlook the Saviour, the Christ.

The greatest present Jesus Christ, became the best gift Christmas that has been sidelined on his own birthday.

Beyond children who get sparkle in their eyes at the thought of toys and treats, adults show strive to give presents but keep Christ as the focus. Children should be taught that it is Christ’s birthday and he must be recognized.

During Christmas as you celebrate with family and friends, pause for the cause and of Christ Jesus and remember it is His birthday not yours. Merry  Christmas to you and yours!


Merry Christmas make this the season of giving back to -People,Places, and sharing of your Possessions

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“Soaring Towards Heaven in 2011” The Sky Is Limitless…

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“Soaring Towards Heaven in 2011”
The Sky is Limitless…
Orlando Renaissance Writer’s Guild, Inc.
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