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Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for November 3, 2011- My DADDY/ODE TO CLAY (Vol.11, Iss.1)

Daddy Loves You

Image by Joe Shlabotnik via Flickr

Over twenty years ago today, my life was changed the day my Daddy left his earthly shell and captured his heavenly crown.

It was a Thursday evening, and I was in my apartment at Georgia Southern in Statesboro when the telephone call that would rock my world.

The call came in and it was a simple request to come home because something had happened  to my Daddy. I had to tell my friends I was leaving

early for Augusta. In the dark of night I drove the 80 miles from Bullock County to Jenkins County to Burke County and finally to Richmond


All I could think about was the times my Daddy and I  had spent together. I was in my senior year at Georgia Southern, each time I got into my

Chevy Sprint and started to back down our driveway, my Daddy was slow walking me down and making sure I had everything and verifying my

graduation in the Spring of 1990. Our time and those talks are seared in my mind and are fresh like it was yesterday. I am glad I had those memories

of my Daddy and there were countless others in the years we had as father and daughter.

Every year as the seasons change and the time changes, I am faced with this day of remembering when my Daddy graduated from earth to heaven.

Time passes but the void in my heart remains, I miss my Daddy like crazy. When I think about him, I try to stay in a happy place and think of the

good memories (there were so many).

The poem below speaks volumes to how I feel…


Memories of Daddy flood my mind

He was truly meant to be a one-of-a-kind

A positive presence for the world to see

Forever he was pushing us to be the best that we could be

Always concerned about what mattered to each and everyone

Never would he quit until the job was done

A friend to all who came into his path

Always poised to make you laugh

A heart of gold, he gave freely to family and to friend

On the man most called “CLAY” you could always depend

God fearing, hardworking, compassionate, strong and loyal to a fault

Traits passed on to his family, so many things to us he taught

Oh how the years have passed yet his memory does not fade out

At times when I need my Daddy, I wish to him I could shout

A word of wisdom, a smile of encouragement or a big hug to calm my fears

Just to find him jingling pocket coins next to his rings would ease all my tears

So much I long to tell you in a lengthy heart to heart

I LOVE AND MISS YOU a great place to start.


©Yolanda “YoTrip” Triplett


Please support efforts for awareness during the month of November

November – National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month
For more information visit the Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Association

November – American Diabetes Month
For more information visit the American Diabetes Association

November – National Hospice Month
For more information visit the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization

“Soaring Towards Heaven in 2011″
The Sky is Limitless

Orlando Renaissance Writer’s Guild, Inc.
2011 *”Writer of The Year”*

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for November 3, 2011- My DADDY/ODE TO CLAY (Vol.11, Iss.1)

  1. cool work, love your layout, suits the blog well 🙂

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