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Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip- Speak Courageously in the Crisis of Breast cancer

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Speak Courageously in the Crisis of Breast cancer

Breast cancer invades the lives of women and men year round. October is the month designated to heighten awareness and educate the masses about this awful disease. The face of Breast cancer is varied, as it has found its way into every segment of society and is does not have personal preferences. Breast cancer screams and is silent in the same breath. Breast cancer cripples and cuts in the same steps.Breast cancer harms and hurts in the same touch.

A dear friend, a coach and a cheerleader of mine, Yvette Register was diagnosed with Breast cancer in February of this year. Yvette was scared, shocked and stunned at the doctor’s words, she thought of her family( her son AJ, Mom and others) and her business (a successful State Farm agency). Yvette found herself at crossroads of decision: fight for her life or let the “c” word win.

Yvette has decided to speak candidly about her journey as she wrote a five-part series in The Orlando Times  (http://www.Orlando-Times.com). the article chronicles Yvette steps as she displays courageous in the crisis of Breast cancer. Reading Yvette’s story offers information and insight as her journey with Breast cancer is unfolding. Yvette’s voice in telling her story is raw, is real, and is remarkable. When Yvette decided to share her story she opened the door of opportunity to help and heal many who are facing the crisis of Breast cancer.

I salute and honor Yvette for deciding to not remain silent in her journey with Breast cancer. A few weeks ago, I along with a room full of others I was blessed to hear Yvette give her personal testimony at the 3rd Annual Pink Ribbon of Hope Tea. The Pink Ribbon of Hope Tea, is sponsored by the Health Ministry at Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church in Orlando, Florida. Each year this gathering  of the Pink Ribbon of Hope Tea, celebrates the life of the survivors, brings attention to education and awareness of breast health and honors those who passed on in their fight against Breast cancer.

The attendees at the tea listened as Yvette used heart and humor to tell her story of courage and crisis with Breast cancer. Yvette let it be known that she is fighting and not folding to Breast cancer, she is her own advocate  and seeks the advice of those who have experienced as a survivor or a healthcare provider. The path that Yvette has taken in her journey with Breast cancer is uniquely her’s but she understands her calling and desire to tell all who will hear how important it is to know your body and do not be afraid to seek help.

Yvette is one of my “sheroes”, I love her spirit, her strength and her sound advice. It is so “awesome” to watch Yvette activate her faith in God as she continues on her journey with Breast cancer. Trusting God  has been a place of comfort and care for Yvette, she looks the Word to keep and carry her when times are rough. Yvette is still smiling with a smile that lights up any space she inhabits and touches all who are in her mist. I am glad that our paths crossed and that Yvette has left a beautiful impression in my life.


October is National Breast Cancer Awarenesshttp://ww5.komen.org/AboutUs/AboutUs.html & http://www.nbcam.org/andDomestic Violence Awareness Monthhttp://dvam.vawnet.org/.  Be open to education on your health. Be informed on matters that deal with your health and well-being.

                                             ******Remember the people who have been affected by Hurricane Irene****

Please keep the people of Haiti, Chile, the Gulf region, Japan, the Middle East, Alabama, and Joplin, MS in your thoughts and prayers. Give to http:// 
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Yolanda “YoTrip” Triplett
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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip- Speak Courageously in the Crisis of Breast cancer

  1. Yolanda “YoTrip” Triplett,

    I loved your post and you are more than welcome for the “like”, you definitely deserved it, your posts are truly inspiring! One part about your post that I really enjoyed was the fact that you mentioned how breast cancer not only affects women it also affects men as well. I know that you have already read my post on breast cancer, so I know you can appreciate the comment! This woman that you mention in your post sounds truly amazing and inspirational, I may not know her at all but through your words I can already tell that she is a fighter. I also adore the fact that you mention how Yvette uses her faith in God to help her overcome her obstacles. I am a firm believer in the power of faith when it comes to something like this. I have had several close individuals in my life who have battled cancer of all kinds and all contributed their strength and the will to fight to God. I also wanted to thank you for making my post a related article in your post; it was very kind of you! I will definitely be on the look out for my blog posts and articles from you. Keep up the amazing work girl! 🙂


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