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Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip-What In The World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such…(Vol.5, Iss.3)

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What In The World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such…

While most on the east coast of the United States have been watching and waiting to see the potential path of Hurricane Irene as it makes its way over the battered isle in the Caribbean headed towards the eastern shore of Florida, no one suspected that a 5.9 magnitude earthquake to hit in Mineral,Virginia. People were stunned, shocked and stumped as the east coast earthquake was felt from the southern region of North Carolina and as far up the eastern coast as Canada. From small rural cities to the nation’s capitol, many were caught scrambling to seek cover, shelter and the safety of buildings.

In this country where we are all to comfortable with the acts of natural disaster that is synonymous with a region (Hurricanes in the lower parts of the South states and coastal areas, flooding in the mid-west, droughts in the land out in the plain states , and wild fires and earthquakes on the west coast). Never are we prepared for what comes out of the sky’s, the seas or beyond. What in the World, Earthquake, Hurricanes and such… are coming along without warning and making the people take cover for whatever disaster that is coming next. As the destruction by way of natural disasters unfold, we can see that it is never easy to prepare for the unexpected.

What In the World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such… finds us using the technology of social media to track, chart and monitor natural disasters within minutes of their occurences. Facebook and Twitter were all a buzz as people were seeking to get up to the minute updates the earthquake, the people, the places and the possessions that were in its path. The movement of the earthquake was a post, the status of family and friends was a tweet, pictures of locations hit by the earthquake were uploaded for show. The vehicle of social media helped many people feel a bit at ease to know that their loved ones and friends are safe or were not in the an area that was hit by the earthquake. The Weather Channel and other news outlets are using social media as a resource to assist them with getting the official word out on the state of nature when it takes a different turn.

What in the World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such… is a reminder that we should always be prepared for what we expect and have a plan that is six levels deep for what we do not expect. The rumbling and shaking from the east coast earthquake did not cause a major amount of reported destruction, at the epicenter in Mineral, Virginia schools and other public facilities will be closed on Wednesday to have structural assessments made. This earthquake will make history as it is one of the strongest to hit the state of Virginia and the surrounding Washington, DC area.

As the east coast recovers from the unforeseen earthquake, there are only a few days left to prepare for the ill-rational Hurricane Irene that is projected to touchdown on the shores of Miami or Cape Canaveral sometime in the wee hours of Thursday morning. National Weather Center projects have maps showing the various path that Irene could possibly take, yet nothing will be conclusive until the storm and days come closer together and see what will become of their meeting. What in the World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such…


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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip-What In The World, Earthquakes, Hurricanes and such…(Vol.5, Iss.3)

  1. What is going on with the world huh? earthquakes, droughts , natural disasters and weather patterns all over the place? geez

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