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Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for August 4, 2011-The Persistence of an ANT (Vol.8, Iss.1)

The dead ant is likely to be a queen. Name: Fo...

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The Persistence of an ANT

Persistent, pesky, precise, powerful, passionate, purpose-driven, problematic are just a few words to describe the small brownish-red insect, known as the “Sugar Ant” in the ANT family. I have had the opportunity to observe the activity of the ANT on numerous occasions. The large oak tree that hovers over my place on one side and the pine tree that stands on the other are two of the main addresses for the ANT. These ANT though small in size, when united with a few of its friends can quickly turn into a mounting mess and headache when attempting to rid your home of their presence.
The persistent nature of the ANT finds them always on the move and gathering with others to do the work they were dispatched to do: find a source for survival, do the work to keep the Queen of the nest fat and happy. You find yourself amazed and in awe of the handiwork of the ANTS,even in your frustration of wanting them gone. Once you identify that the ANT has moved into your space you will be in a constant battle to rid your home of the fast-acting little bugs.
As much the ANT has found a way to wreck my nerves, they also have taught me some life lessons:
The ANT is a leader and a follower. If you watch the ANT they move systematically in their activity, happy and content to give orders or be ordered. The ANT leads themselves or a group of others to the place they are looking to invade. The ANT is given a marching order and follows them to completion.
The ANT is goal-oriented. The ANT is always on a mission with a goal to conquer and overtake an area to help keep the queen fat and happy. Once the ANT has established the goal, it does whatever it takes to obtain the prize.
The ANT is dedicated and loyal. An ANT is committed to working for the Queen. The ANT takes risk and even puts it life on the line to do the work for the good of the Queen. The ANT lives and works to protect the Queen and the colony.
The ANT understands how to be strategic. The ANT is continuously working on ways to gather and overtake the area they are invading. The ANT does not just charge in, they have a plan and work the plan.
The ANT believes there is power in numbers. Often you will only see one or a few ANTS when they first appear, as if they are out scouting the area to bring the hundreds of others on later to do the work and get the job completed.
The ANT loves a challenge. ANT will go right into the eye of a storm and will fight until the end. Even when the ANT is facing defeat, they will not easily give up.
The actions and activity of the ANT give us some insight into how we can be persistent in our life pursuits. The ANT lives with persistence, passion, purpose, productivity, and a profound desire to get the job done. As much as I am bothered by the ANT as they make themselves at home in my space, I salute them for how they view working and living their lives.

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