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Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for June 28, 2011-Success vs. Significance (Vol.3, Iss.4)

SUCCESS (magazine)

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Success vs. Significance

Recently I was asked how do I define SUCCESS.  I had to admit to the person that I do not prescribe to the notion of SUCCESS but I was seeking SIGNIFICANCE.

n.1. The achievement of something desired, planned, or
attempted: attributed their success in business to hard

2. a. The gaining of fame or prosperity: an artist spoiled by success.

b. The extent of such gain.
3. One that is successful: The plan was a success.
4. Obsolete A result or an outcome.
// adj.

1. Having or expressing a meaning; meaningful.
2. Having or expressing a covert meaning; suggestive:
a significant glance. See Synonyms at expressive.
3. Having or likely to have a major effect; important: a significant change in the tax laws.
4. Fairly large in amount or quantity: significant casualties; no significant
5. Statistics Of or relating to observations or
occurrences that are too closely correlated to be attributed to chance and
therefore indicate a systematic relationship.
As I see it SUCCESS, is fleeting it comes and it goes in the eyes, the hearts and minds of people. Society sees SUCCESS as how much money did a person make. The more you make the more people expect you to make and they equate your SUCCESS with monetary prosperity. SUCCESS is always made to be seen as something larger or growing. The larger than life view of SUCCESS puts people on pedestals and builds them up. Just as people are elevated up in the notion of SUCCESS, they can tumble and fall in a matter of moments or minutes. The moment people, places, and possessions feel like you have not made enough or the spotlight on you is fading then your SUCCESS light fades.
I seek to be SIGNIFICANT vs. SUCCESS. For me SIGNIFICANCE is lasting and makes an impression. SIGNIFICANCE is solid, it will not come and go, it has staying power. SIGNIFICANCE for me is built on making a difference by being different, by doing different, by seeing different. To be SIGNIFICANT you can do a big or a small thing and have an impact. When you make an impact on people, places or possessions, the SIGNIFICANCE in you is at work. SIGNIFICANCE can be attained by all who seek to have it in their lives by recognizing the importance and meaning you are wanting to convey.
SUCCESS will always be something that society pushes as a marker for having “made it” or “making it” in the world. SIGNIFICANCE is ordered by what you make it, not by what you make. To be viewed as the image of SUCCESS or SIGNIFICANCE is based on what a person wants in life and living. SUCCESS is based on what you gained and obtain, and SIGNIFICANCE is built on what you can maintain and sustain in this journey called life.
Are you seeking SUCCESS or are you seeking SIGNIFICANCE?
“Some people seek to successful in life, but I seek to be significant in life everyday, in every way making a difference.” ~~YoTrip

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