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Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for May 19,2011- Turning the Tears to a S.M.I.L.E. (Vol.5, Iss.3)


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“Turn the Tears to a S.M.I.L.E.”
Following my usual Thursday routine, I was rushing to get the trash can down to the curb and talking to my Mom on the telephone when I heard the wailing of a young child. My Mom mentioned what is wrong with that child, and I told her I was looking to see where the cries where coming from. As I hung up with Mom, the crying got closer and I saw two little boys walking towards me across the street. I waited at the curb as the two boys spotted me, one boy in tears was being comforted by the boy who was a little older. I asked the older boy if the crying boy was okay and he merely shook his head and said, “oh, no”.
I looked into the deer shaped eyes full of streaming tears and told the little boy it was going to be alright. The little boy was trying to calm his tears and tell me what had made him cry. As he struggled to get out words his comforting friend chimed in, “Lil man can up and took his glasses”. Just the sound of what happened to him brought on a new set of tears. Finally the crying little boy said, “I closed my eyes and he took my glasses off my face and then took off running.” I asked where did the boy go with his glasses and they both spoke in unison, “to school” and pointed straight ahead. I asked few other questions: was the little boy alone? Did he know his real name? Is he in your class and is he your age or older? The boys let me know that Lil Man was with a older girl, and they did not know his real name and he was 6 years old in kindergarten at Rosemont Elementary.
The crying boy was now calm, and rubbing his eyes. I asked him his name and his age, to which he responded “Cordell and I am five years old”. I responded, “Glad to meet you, Cordell, I am Miss Yolanda.” I again told Cordell it was going to be okay, and asked for a SMILE. Cordell said he was mad about his glasses and wanted to find “Lil Man” and his glasses and did not want to SMILE. I began to walk with the two boys as they continued towards the fence that leads into the school and Rosemont Park. The boy who was comforting stopped at a parking barrier and said he was going to wait on his sister.
Cordell looked back at his friend who had stopped and proceed to tell me things that broke my heart. A sadness came back into his face, as he spoke, ” I am hungry, my Mama did not give me my snack this morning. These bugs are bothering me, just like the roaches at the house.” I listened and then asked if he would eat breakfast at school, he said, “the breakfast is over by now, but I have a dollar can will buy something.” Once Cordell spoke of his Mama, I saw this as a chance to see where was she when “Lil Man” was busy taking Cordell’s glasses. Without much thought Cordell said “My Mama’s door was locked, so she did not come out.” I wish Cordell was kidding but this was his reality and he was coping as best as his five-year-old mind would allow.
I looked down at Cordell and asked if he would do something for me. Shaking his head up and down, was an indicator that he was feeling better. “Cordell will you give me a SMILE, please.” As if he were posing for a camera, Cordell shared a big old cheesy SMILE. I SMILED back and asked about his missing teeth. “I keep loosing these teeth out of my mouth. I still have two teeth that are shaky.See them…” Cordell gave me a high-five, and a low five and another SMILE. I told Cordell to tell his teacher about “Lil Man” taking his glasses and ask for help to get them back. I walked with Cordell until he reached inside the fence and skipped along towards the school. I hoped that Cordell would find his glasses, get some food to eat, be given better living conditions and find a reason to SMILE.
I was glad I heard Cordell crying this morning, it was well worth our coming together. I could not get his glasses back, I could not find “Lil Man”, I could not bring his Mama out of the house to take care of her baby, I could not change his living conditions. I did stop Cordell’s tears, I did get him to talk and settle down. The biggest thing I received from Cordell was that huge beaming light sprinkled with those beautiful missing spaces…a SMILE.The actions of Cordell made me see SMILE in this way:Seeking Motivation Inspiration Laughter Everyday.
Check out this video by Kirk Franklin it says it all http://youtu.be/6OKXpAtX32M

**************** May is Stroke Awareness and National Mental Health Awareness Month*******************

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