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Tuesday Thoughts by YoTrip for April 5, 2011-A Champion’s Moment To Shine (Vol.2, Iss.1)

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A Champion’s Moment To Shine

The 2011 NCAA Men’s championship game was played in the Houston, Texas at the Reliant Stadium on Monday evening with the University of Connecticut (UConn) Huskies taking on the Butler University Bulldogs. The 2011 NCAA Men’s championship is the culmination of the college basketball’s “March Madness” featuring a former champion in the UCONN Huskies and the former cinderella team that may it to the finals just a year ago, the Butler Bulldogs. In the end UCONN lead by the heart of two champions, Coach Jim Calhoun and shooting sensation junior guard, Kemba Walker were victorious over Butler with a score of 53-41.

This championship game was a defensive battle  that saw as many as 88 missed field goal attempts between both teams.  In the first half the teams were tied at 19 when Butler hit a long-range three pointer to go up 22-19 going into halftime. Most commentators and sports fans will say this championship game was not full of excitement and a nail-biter that would come down to a final shot but, played more like a defensive scuffle. UCONN took Butler to task and they were unable to find the basket during the second half only making a few shots. This championship game was the lowest scoring in the history of the NCAA 62 year existence.

For all the hype behind getting to the Final Four and then being the last two teams standing, this game proved to provide some surprises  and made history. UCONN’s coach Jim Calhoun, who won his third national title with what he says is the most resilient team he has ever coached. He joined John Wooden, Mike Krzyzewski, Bob Knight and Adolph Rupp as the only coaches with more than two titles. Calhoun, 68, also became the oldest coach ever to win the championship. http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/u-conn-huskies-defeat-butler-bulldogs-53-41-for-ncaa-basketball-championship/2011/04/04/AFEFfXgC_story.html Joining the ranks of true champion coaches, Coach Calhoun did not focus on the history he made but the ability of his team to rise to occasion and become champions. For Coach Calhoun this win was a shining moment  worthy of champion status after surviving three bouts with cancer and sitting out a portion of the season last year due to medical concerns.

The  2011 Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship closes out the season for teams, players, coaches, colleges, students, families and fans that had an opportunity to participate in a trip to the “big dance”. All of the training, trials, and triumph are over for this time and this season. Some teams and players will take this time to reflect on the journey of the season and how they can improve for next year, some will make decisions about continuing their college years or venture to throw their names in the hats for the upcoming National Basketball Association (NBA) draft in June.  No matter what path a team or a player chooses beyond this season, they can be proud to be a part of the game of basketball and have the talent to compete to become a champion.

Congratulations to the Butler Bulldogs, though they came up short of victory, they have found there team in this place back to back years which will make them strive harder to gain the reigns of being called a champion. The UCONN Huskies played in the 2011 NCAA tournament with heart and determination throughout the games to show the world how to celebrate and have a champions moment to shine.

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