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Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for January 6, 2011-SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE (Vol.1, Iss.1)

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Unless you live under a rock or on a remote island, you interact with people, places, or possessions that provide customer service. Your  customer service experience may come at the grocery store, the bank, the doctor’s office, the retail shop or at your favorite fast-food restaurant. No matter the location, it is reasonable for you to visit these places and expect to receive good customer  service. For most people, SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE and will determine if you choose to spend your time and money at a business.
Anyone that knows me will tell you I am a service fanatic. Whenever I go to a place of business I expect the delivery of service to be at a minimum good. I always engage with people who are in positions of service, for several reasons one I can relate (I have had jobs that were solely service-driven), and I think it is important to treat people like they matter. The simple gesture of calling a person by their name can make a person feel like they matter, and that SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.  It is my belief that if I am spending my money and spending my time then the least I can get is good customer service.  
Today I stopped at an establishment that makes a wonderful Chicken Apple Pecan Salad. I drove up to the speaker and asked for the salad without the blue cheese and as I scanned the menu board I saw that “hot tea” was listed. I asked if I could add a hot tea to my order. The voice from the speaker responded, “We don’t have hot tea, for sale.” I was baffled and looked at the board again to ensure that I had read the information correctly and drove to the window to pick up my order.
When I arrived at the window the young lady smiled and repeated my order and gave me the cost. I reached for payment and asked her about the tea. The young lady went on to say, “I do not know why they have that on the board. We serve iced tea, we can heat some up for you.” The entire time the young lady and I were talking several people were yelling in the background, she raised her hand to quiet them down but it did not work. Another young lady came to the window and handed me a bag, I checked the bag to make sure my salad was in place, without the cheese and if I was given pecan packet, pomegranate vinaigrette dressing, napkins, a folk, a knife, and my receipt. I did not see the receipt and asked for it the second young lady insisted it was in the bag. Once she saw I was not leaving without a receipt, she yelled at the first young lady to get me a receipt.
I took the receipt, said thank you and drove forward. I noticed the pecan packet was not in the bag but at this point I was not feeling like the level of service was going to improve. I also pulled the receipt and saw it was not for my order. The receipt did contain two important lines at the bottom that read: How was your visit ? The other line was a number to call in and speak with someone. All I could think is SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.
If you are a person that works in any area that gives or provides service, realize that SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE. People visit places of business with the expectation of good service. The level of service provided can be the determining factor of return or repeat business. If you are a person that is the recipient of services, you should treat people serving you like they matter by acknowledging them. Be it good, great, bad or awful remember SERVICE MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

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