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Thursday Thinking by YoTrip for December 16, 2010-OWN IT! (Vol.7, Iss.3)

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You have arrived at week three of the YOU CAN DO THIS! 30Day Challenge. You are at the halfway point of this 30-Day Challenge and it is time to evaluate your progress. How are doing with your goals? Are you staying on target to rise to the next level? Have you continued to encourage yourself by simply saying, YOU CAN DO THIS! Are you moving the barriers that keep you from achieving your goals? Have you written your goals down? Did you share your goals with someone else? Have you decided to KEEP IT MOVING, no matter what comes you way?

 As you move into this halfway point by now you should have envisioned your goals, embraced your goals, and evolved your goals. When you decide to envision, embrace and evolve your goals you: OWN IT! The goal is yours for the taking and you have to be determined to run with it to the end of its course. You must believe that your goal is yours in order to OWN IT!

 To say that you OWN IT!, means that you have possession of it. In order to have possession, you have to take charge. Are you in charge of your goals? Are you working to make your goals a reality?

Envision your goal and then OWN IT! Everything you dream or desire starts in your mind, and your goals are no different. Once your mind’s eye captures your goal you have taken the first step to OWN IT! Stop right now and see yourself making a goal. Envision that you OWN IT! Envisioning what you want to achieve, and do what it takes to obtain your goal.

 Embrace your goal and OWN IT! To embrace something requires you to grab hold of it. Your goal needs your embrace to work it and KEEP IT MOVING. Are you grabbing a hold of your goals?

Evolve your goal and OWN IT! To evolve means to grow gradually, to move forward, to progress. Your goal will not grow, move or progress if you are not feeding it what it needs. Are you evolving your goals? Are you moving your goals forward? Have you seen progress in achieving your goals?

December and the year 2010 are nearing an end. Your challenge is to use the tools that can help you end this year strong. As you work on the concept of OWN IT!, you must envision your goal, embrace your goal, and evolve your goal to achieve your goal. Just remember to tell yourself: YOU CAN DO THIS!, KEEP IT MOVING! , and OWN IT!  ~~YoTrip


“A.I.M. To Win In 2010”
Aspire, Inspire, Motivate

Yolanda Clay Triplett

“Words the joyful noise of my
mouth, sweet sounds to my ears.The
results of a love affair between
pen and paper, words”


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