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Thursday Thinking for October 14, 2010-Are you in a HOLE that is HOLDing you hostage?

A miner measures mine minerals

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noun, verb, holed, hol·ing.

–noun 1. an opening through something; gap; aperture: a hole in the roof; a hole in my sock.

2. a hollow place in a solid body or mass; a cavity: a hole in the ground.

3. the excavated habitation of an animal; burrow.
4. a small, dingy, or shabby place: I couldn’t live in a hole like that.
5. a place of solitary confinement; dungeon. 6. an embarrassing position or predicament: to find oneself in a hole.  http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/hole 
Are you in a HOLE that is HOLDing you hostage?   
The recent rescue of the 33 Chilean miners from a HOLE in the San Jose gold and copper mines, grabbed the attention of everyone on the planet. For 69 days these courageous men (the youngest is 19 and the oldest is 63) stayed trapped in the confines of an opening, a gap, a hollowed cavity…a HOLE. It is unbelievable, unimaginable, and unthinkable to be suddenly “buried alive”. Surely not one of these men left their homes and expected to be stuck in a HOLE. The families, the friends, the people of Chile gathered and waited from August 5th until August 22nd to realize all 33 men were alive and able to communicate with the outside world. These 33 men had to react to the conditions, render care to each other, and remain close.  The 33 Chilean miners had to put their trust in each other for their survival in a HOLE. Everything that these men knew, loved, and desired were suddenly miles away from them. The miners were told that help was on the way, but it would be slow..their rescue was expected no sooner than Christmas. No only were the miners struck in a HOLE, full of dust from the stone, they relying on each other, and uncertain of when someone would  come to their rescue. A HOLE that these miners arrived at on August 5th for a regular day of work  was now HOLDing them hostage. The miners had to make a decision: Are they in a HOLE that is HOLDing them hostage?    As days turned into weeks, and the weeks to months the 33 miners remained resolved that the HOLE was HOLDing them, not as hostages but for the help that was on the way. Trust was coupled with faith, as the 33 miners believed the stay in the HOLE was temporary.The miners stayed strong and worked along with the rescuers on the surface by preparing to leave the HOLE. Rescuers were motivated by the 33 miners and their resilient measures, which helped the speed  up the methods for drilling down into the HOLE for access. Christmas came early for the 33 miners on Tuesday, October 12th. The world watched in amazement as the rescue team successfully lifted the first Chilean miner out of the HOLE. For the next two days the rescuers would slowly drop a cylinder into the earth to remove the 33 miners out of the HOLE and release them back into the real world. The HOLE that was HOLDing the miners was insulating them from the media frenzy and the normal lives they left 69 days ago. Makes you wonder if these 33 miners will ever be able to get away from the HOLE that was HOLDing them hostage. The next time you seek to complain about life and journey you are on, think of these 33 miner miracles and how they keep the faith and trusted the rescuers to remove them  from the HOLE that was HOLDing them hostage.~~YoTrip   

“A.I.M. To Win In 2010”
Aspire, Inspire, Motivate

Yolanda Clay Triplett

“Words the joyful noise of my
mouth, sweet sounds to my ears.The
results of a love affair between
pen and paper, words”


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